i quit

(Please note that Iori-san is NOT quitting this blog, he is deeply committed to continuing it and expanding his activities once he is at a safe harbor)

During this weekend,most of the things were arranged for my moving to point B.
Funny thing is even my friends out of Japan miss me. ..We are in different countries from the first place !lol

Got tickets, cancelled my apt, left my turtle boys at my trustworthy friend’s place.
Now only minor things are left like cancelling gas, water, and electricity. This is important.

1 and a half hour ago, I told them that I quit my job. I’ll have to work here for coming few weeks but anyway, I’ll quit.

Last weekend, my tummy reached to a kind of limit. I was terribly sick so I changed water.
It’s expensive but I started using imported bottled water for cooking and drinking. I was using tap water for cooking and drinking Japanese bottled water.

Believe it not, I feel so much better.

That was definitely THE water.

As long as I’m in Japan, I still have to eat out, like rice balls or bread from convenient stores etc.. You can’t eat only selected food all the time.

The problem is the plume.

They started burning radioactive debris around in Tokyo. Sometimes radiation level spikes up since this weekend.

If the back ground radiation of your place is 0.5 micro Sv/h and it’s stable,it’S ok. It’s mostly from Radium or the sun.

But, if the background radiation of your place is 0.02 micro Sv/h and it goes 0.1 micro Sv/h sometimes, it’s the plume. The radio meter caught 0.08 micro Sv/h emission from radioactive plume. This is when it jumps into your lungs and causes severe internal exposure.

Also, most of the Geiger counter catches only gamma ray. Behind the 0.08 micro Sv/h, you should think beta ray, alpha ray, and maybe neutron ray are there too.

So whatever they say, I’ll go to protect myself.

You take care too.

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