(Please note that Iori-san is NOT quitting this blog, he is deeply committed to continuing it and expanding his activities once he is at a safe harbor)

During this weekend,most of the things were arranged for my moving to point B.
Funny thing is even my friends out of Japan miss me. ..We are in different countries from the first place !lol

Got tickets, cancelled my apt, left my turtle boys at my trustworthy friend’s place.
Now only minor things are left like cancelling gas, water, and electricity. This is important.

1 and a half hour ago, I told them that I quit my job. I’ll have to work here for coming few weeks but anyway, I’ll quit.

Last weekend, my tummy reached to a kind of limit. I was terribly sick so I changed water.
It’s expensive but I started using imported bottled water for cooking and drinking. I was using tap water for cooking and drinking Japanese bottled water.

Believe it not, I feel so much better.

That was definitely THE water.

As long as I’m in Japan, I still have to eat out, like rice balls or bread from convenient stores etc.. You can’t eat only selected food all the time.

The problem is the plume.

They started burning radioactive debris around in Tokyo. Sometimes radiation level spikes up since this weekend.

If the back ground radiation of your place is 0.5 micro Sv/h and it’s stable,it’S ok. It’s mostly from Radium or the sun.

But, if the background radiation of your place is 0.02 micro Sv/h and it goes 0.1 micro Sv/h sometimes, it’s the plume. The radio meter caught 0.08 micro Sv/h emission from radioactive plume. This is when it jumps into your lungs and causes severe internal exposure.

Also, most of the Geiger counter catches only gamma ray. Behind the 0.08 micro Sv/h, you should think beta ray, alpha ray, and maybe neutron ray are there too.

So whatever they say, I’ll go to protect myself.

You take care too.

  1. Good luck, and chuse country carefully and a Job is a Possibility and with Japanes education, it sould be “no” problem, of course everything is “Relative”.

    You se,IF they had been more efficient, invited the Russianas, USA and others With knowledge, the senario would have been lesser dramatic and grave. Instead incompetence, greed, corruption, e.t.c. drowned it all.

    Its dripping info, and the scale and scope is staggering.
    The numbers are beyound belife, and even my initial Nightmare senario is just a mild senery, compared to reality.
    This is going to be and already is verry, verry bad.
    And i dont even want to think on the next Fall.

    Ill stop there.

    PS: Challanges are highly impersonal, and are often just that, challanges. Deal with it with respect and senserety, and everything can be solved, even personal challanges.

    “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr.

    Vaya Con Dios, amigo

  2. The long journey begins with one step. The step is information.
    Mochizuki is Partisan, his weapon Information.
    The nuclear industry, the military-industrial complex fears information; and can not tolerate a single gram of truth.
    We are there: the Sivil Society.
    Have always been.
    Желаю здорового духа и тела.

  3. Good luck with your escape.

    My heart goes out to you, not just because I have been following 3/11 very closely, but also because I am a fellow turtle owner.

    We have two red-eared sliders. The maintenance is impossible; I struggle so hard to keep the tanks clean, and still they get these weird parasites and carry on.

    I bet your turtles will be fine with your friend! They are very strong and resilient, and one day, perhaps you can visit them again. I love mine, no matter how much trouble they cause me, when they greet me when I come home from work it is all worth it.

    Here in California, many of us are thinking of you in Japan and wishing you the best. My friends and I have tried to write a song about Fukushima, but it never comes out right. We will try again, because we are so inspired by your bravery. Be strong, and know that so many of us are praying for you– and hoping that you dodge that stray particle.



  4. Otsukaresama deshita, and Thank you for providing us with Info till now. I am in Sendai, but no Tap water at all. Amazon, cheapest i sin Yamaya. Good luck and wish you all the best.

  5. It’s so sad Mochizuki San, the mass delusion How did Japan become the devils playground? So many lost souls, a banquet of marionettes – the fest of demons and beasts.

    Escape this madness – the world of men is folly – Know your true self and live from the sacred space within your heart always honoring your higher intuition and understanding.

  6. I would consider one of these: link removed These distillation units are claimed to remove 99.9 percent of contaminants. I’m not sure however how they would handle processing radioactive water – the device itself might become progressively radioactive but the water coming out of it might still be pure.

  7. Fair play for getting out ahead of the crowd.

    Here’s to your health, once you get to a clean environment!

  8. You are very talented Mochizuki. You will do well wherever you go! I can see why your friends already miss you. We will miss your writing but support your decision 100%.

    May your transitions be smooth and your stomach even better, soon. Here’s hoping to hear your news from a safer place. Meanwhile I will pray hard for left behind Japan and all the life in the sea, or maybe I will just cry. This is a tragedy that will never end. Happy trails to you..some are so blue..it’s the way you ride the trail that counts!’ -^(:=:)^

  9. Wise decision ! Last message I got said that GROUNDWATER is contaminated, so is food too !
    Hope many people will follow in order to save their lives !

  10. Please recheck your “units” micro vs milli Sv/h as your comment above does not read right (in english)!

    I agree that your background should remain almost stable.

    Also the direction of the wind will have a big effect if it is blowing from where they are doing the burning!

    Question: Where are they doing the burning compared to Tokyo and or Fukushima and are they doing it 24/7 or only when the winds are offshore?

    Good luck and I hope you also have a good air filter for inside your place!

  11. Iori-san, please also get a good filter for your shower head and use bottled water to bush your teeth. I think you have received as much of a dose as you can afford. Also, have you started taking a minimum of 1000mg of Calcium daily? You should also be taking iodine of course. I’m sure you knew that. Vitamin C in large doses would’t hurt either. Maybe I’m telling you something you already know. Just suggesting. Only want the best for you. Stay brave and angry. If you can’t be probative, angry will do just as well.

  12. Good luck! Once you get to a reasonable situation for your health or even starting NOW, you must take modified citrus pectin, bentonite clay, zeolite, Modifilan, anti-oxidants, milk thistle, and 1,3 beta glucans (gets Strontium out of your bones), etc. You need to unload and chelate the heavy junk that you took in. Your body can kick off much of it with help (80%, per Chernobyl studies), and then repair miraculously, so long as you use detoxification products and stay away from more radiation or toxins. It would be a worthwhile investment. You are making the right moves!!

    I totally commend you for taking full responsibility and doing the right thing to quickly venture into an improved unknown!! (Maybe you are special, but I certainly wish that more Japanese individuals would follow your lead!…)
    Keep on keeping on!! =)

    p.s. Wear a serious N95 respirator mask if you are flying out of Japan…the radiation readings people have taken while IN the Jet stream there and in the N. hemisphere (Pacific or Atlantic) are noxious.

    1. …I learned my lesson when flying through a plume in April. It was the first time I had been sick to my stomach in many years!! 🙁

  13. Iorisan,
    I am sending my 7 year old daughter away to the US in two weeks as well. Its going to be a big challenge for her and myself since we have never parted but its for the best. I will be apart from her until April when my work contract expires.
    However I can no longer take anymore risks. I have become tired of fixing her bento everyday since the explosion, preventing her from eating and drinking food outside and dealing with social ignorance…

    It just seems forever….

    I really thank you for your articles. It has kept me alarmed.
    Although I dont know you in person, I feel that you are like a relative who shares the same view.
    I really wish you best luck.
    I will be in SF CA in April.
    Let me know if there is anything I could do to help.

    (I would appreciate if you would not list this on the internet.Thank you)

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