Fukushima chief steps down due to illness


The head of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is stepping down for health reasons.

Masao Yoshida of Tokyo Electric Power Company has been in charge of dealing with the situation at the plant since the March earthquake and tsunami damaged the reactors.

The utility says Yoshida, who will be replaced on Thursday, is resigning in order to receive medical treatments at a hospital. The company says it cannot disclose his illness and level of radiation exposure as that is personal information.

In a statement issued on Monday, Yoshida expressed his regret over leaving the plant at a crucial time and apologized to all the people involved. He said he has to undergo treatment for a disease that was discovered in a health check-up.

Yoshida spoke to reporters on November 12th when the damaged plant was opened to media for the first time since the accident. He said that he had expected to die several times during the first week of the crisis.

He added that when he saw the hydrogen explosions at the Number 1 and 3 reactors, and when his team was unable to pump water into the Number 2 reactor, he thought it was the end.

The utility says Takeshi Takahashi, who is a manager at TEPCO headquarters, will succeed Yoshida. (NHK)

The tweet of the actual Fukushima worker is below:

Happy20790 ハッピー

Happy20790 ハッピー

I heard chief Yoshida stepping down for the first time this evening. I was so shocked. I thought he was fine though.. It seems like it was very confidential.

Everyone was shocked, surprised, and regretting. He was the only person who could fight against the headquarters. I’m afraid it will affect our team work. I don’t know for how long I can stay here to work too, but I’m sad to see him off as a fellow in the battle field.

Tweets about the successor of Yoshida:

(The person on the right side)

onodekita onodekita
高橋 毅 さんか・・・最後の切り札の気がする。この人に全て任せて欲しい。お金も、やり方も何もかも。この人の後任になれる人はさすがに知らない。

Oh well, Mr. Takahashi. feel like he is the last card. I want them to let him in charge of everything, money, strategy, and all. There is nobody to take over this person.

onodekita onodekita

I haven’t met anyone smarter than Mr. Takahashi but he also listens to other people. When I was working under him, he asked me about PC. The only thing I can teach him is just about PC..

According to Tepco, it was not Mr. Yoshida’s decision to step down, it was decided by Tepco.

Mr. Yoshida is expected to talk about the truth when he finally becomes free.

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