Rescue team member died after bloody emesis

Another piece of the truth.

At the forum of activist / actor Yamamoto Taro (11/6/2011), an audience member talked about her dead friend.

This woman is from Shiroishiku, Sapporo. A mother of 8 years old child.

At 50:00 ~ She starts talking about her dead friend.

The dead friend is a member of rescue team in Osaka.
They were sent to Fukushima and Iwate to sweep away debris.

As they doing their mission, they started getting sick.
It was internal exposure. However, they kept receiving commands for the mission over and over.

They tried their best but their limit came. All of them resigned.
Their boss insulted them, calling them “Anti Japanese”.

They resigned in July.

Through the following 3 months, her friend kept suffering from bloody emesis (vomit), countless times.

On 10/26/2011, he passed away from kidney failure.

No wonder, this will never be reported by main stream media.


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