More support by death

Okinawa is becoming the shelter of people who want to evacuate Japan but can’t for various of the reasons.

However, Fukushima local government is trying to sell their contaminated rice into this pure market.

Today vice-governor of Fukushima, Matsumoto Yusaku had a meeting with the vice-governor of Okinawa, Uehara Yoshiyuki.

The vice-governor of Fukushima stated they sell only safe rice that passed several tests. Fukushima rice is safe.

According to JA Fukushima, Okinawa is one of the major market which consumes about 6,000 tons of rice annually.

The vice-governor of Okinawa, Uehara said that they understood distributed Fukushima rice is safe. We want to have the citizens eat beautiful Fukushima rice to support Fukushima.


  1. Complete and utter fucking madness to sell anything from Fukushima to Okinawa.

    I think some Japanese are getting very, very rich for their part in murdering fellow Japanese. Otherwise, why would any sane person suggest that anything from Fukushima is fit for humans?

    First we have the TV idiot, who thankfully will die from cancer, promoting Fuk food now these vice idiots are OKing the future cancer deaths of countless more Japanese.

    It’s time the Japanese people rounded up all the criminals from the .gov and Tepco and dispatched them. Where is the military in all this? Are they standing around thinking the problems will go away or self-fix?

  2. Just remember that Canada, US and other Asian countries are happily accepting imports from Japan. Stay the heck away from ANYTHING Japanese (food, tea, etc).

    Made in Japan = ☢

  3. If Fukushima rice is contaminated with radioactivity, please can the clever japanese scientists and chemists do this SIMPLE test:

    Make rice wine.
    distil the alcohol (i.e. make shōchū )
    filter the alcohol
    test it for tritium
    if there is no tritium, or safe trace amounts, then you have a valuable product that can be made from contaminated rice.

    If this test succeeds, get the results verified by an INDEPENDENT lab, so there is some real hope for mature-age farmers whose land is badly contaminated. Young farmers with young families would be better to sell-up to the distilleries and move south.


    How many litres of distilled spirits do we all have to consume ot return FUKU farmers to commercial viability? “Bottoms up!” — Chugalug — “Kanpai”

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