Escape plan 11/19/2011

Hello Mochizuki,

At the beginning I was reading all your updates that you posted about Fukushima and was extremely worried about the situation and in some past posts I thanked you because your work (not any more). Last week I had a meeting with some nuclear experts (Phd’s and people really involved in nuclear energy and medicine at a Institute in Karlsruhe, Germany) because I was worried about the situation while living in Japan. I am not an specialist and that’s why I had this short meeting with workers and poeple still studying there at this institute due some friends that are there.
What I got from these people was impressive with real results and real research studies mainly from 3 mile Island, Chernobyl and Nagasaki, from people who were there making research on the health effects of radiation. The studies that they did, showed that the people in those accidents had more more psychological than health problems due the radiation effects. They became alcoholics, or suicide by thinking that they would have health problems in the future.
I showed you your website (fukushima-diary) and they saw some posts. What they would like to say to you is STOP SCARING THE PEOPLE!! YOU ARE JUST CREATING PANIC!! They don’t belong to IAEA, neither Nuclear companies, they are academics, so don’t think they create any profit from it. They said some post one your web were true, like the contamination spread from cesium and so, but that you have a bunch of lies in your website, just creating panic in people. From OFFICIAL reports that had decades of research from different research institutes n the world, they said that the only perceptible effect of increases of cancer due radiation was above 100 mSv, by increasing the probability of cancer and that at lower radiation doses the effects are still unknown due the complexity from different radiation sources.

So please, since you are not a specialist in nuclear medicine, stop scaring poeple and creating panic!

I am sorry to tell you so, but at the beginning I was with you…not any more..sorry dude.


Hey Paul,

I am starting to think that maybe you could be right, and that Mochizuki wants to make some money just from creating some false info up there and panic people…easy way to attract people’s attention…I will read more about health effects of radiation and doses…from official sources

Shame on you Mochizuki if it is so…


Let my comment appear


We bloggers often receive this kind of messages. These came last night,after I wrote
What’s interesting is Paul and Tom are from the same IP address,

I think he is hired by Chubu Electric Power or Hokuriku Electric Power company.
I hesitated to publish them,but because Paul told me to publish it,I did it.

This is nothing compared to obstruction from the power. We bloggers are all troubled more or less.

Some people kindly advise me to post less until I get to point B,but I don’t want to do that because I think that’s what they intend to do. They want me to shut up.

Now I’m happy to be useful for people around the world. I don’t want to stop it.
My kindergarten was Buddhism. They gave each of us a charm. It was written “Make the most of your life” on my charm. I still remember that.

I was planning to set up kickstarter today,but it’s already 2AM ,should do that tomorrow.
I want to employ people who can’t evacuate once I set up my company at Point C or D.

I received a lot of donation. I couldn’t appreciate you all enough.
For some reason,Paypal doesn’t offer “Donation button” to users in Japan. so I used “Buy Now” button as a replacement,but both work the same. Please don’t worry.
About “Packet” , it doesn’t mean anything. Please ignore it.
I saw someone saying if there is a subscription button. I have been wondering if I should have it.
Should I ? Paul and Tom will be busy again. lol

Some people left comments and asked me to keep it unpublished. They are all precious information. I read them all and keep them as notes. Thank you very much.

Good luck to all of us.

PS,For people in South East Asian countries, especially Malaysia,please be careful. Your countries import sea food,rice,fruits and bottled water from Japan. Please avoid eating them.

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