Escape plan 11/19/2011

Hello Mochizuki,

At the beginning I was reading all your updates that you posted about Fukushima and was extremely worried about the situation and in some past posts I thanked you because your work (not any more). Last week I had a meeting with some nuclear experts (Phd’s and people really involved in nuclear energy and medicine at a Institute in Karlsruhe, Germany) because I was worried about the situation while living in Japan. I am not an specialist and that’s why I had this short meeting with workers and poeple still studying there at this institute due some friends that are there.
What I got from these people was impressive with real results and real research studies mainly from 3 mile Island, Chernobyl and Nagasaki, from people who were there making research on the health effects of radiation. The studies that they did, showed that the people in those accidents had more more psychological than health problems due the radiation effects. They became alcoholics, or suicide by thinking that they would have health problems in the future.
I showed you your website (fukushima-diary) and they saw some posts. What they would like to say to you is STOP SCARING THE PEOPLE!! YOU ARE JUST CREATING PANIC!! They don’t belong to IAEA, neither Nuclear companies, they are academics, so don’t think they create any profit from it. They said some post one your web were true, like the contamination spread from cesium and so, but that you have a bunch of lies in your website, just creating panic in people. From OFFICIAL reports that had decades of research from different research institutes n the world, they said that the only perceptible effect of increases of cancer due radiation was above 100 mSv, by increasing the probability of cancer and that at lower radiation doses the effects are still unknown due the complexity from different radiation sources.

So please, since you are not a specialist in nuclear medicine, stop scaring poeple and creating panic!

I am sorry to tell you so, but at the beginning I was with you…not any more..sorry dude.


Hey Paul,

I am starting to think that maybe you could be right, and that Mochizuki wants to make some money just from creating some false info up there and panic people…easy way to attract people’s attention…I will read more about health effects of radiation and doses…from official sources

Shame on you Mochizuki if it is so…


Let my comment appear


We bloggers often receive this kind of messages. These came last night,after I wrote
What’s interesting is Paul and Tom are from the same IP address,

I think he is hired by Chubu Electric Power or Hokuriku Electric Power company.
I hesitated to publish them,but because Paul told me to publish it,I did it.

This is nothing compared to obstruction from the power. We bloggers are all troubled more or less.

Some people kindly advise me to post less until I get to point B,but I don’t want to do that because I think that’s what they intend to do. They want me to shut up.

Now I’m happy to be useful for people around the world. I don’t want to stop it.
My kindergarten was Buddhism. They gave each of us a charm. It was written “Make the most of your life” on my charm. I still remember that.

I was planning to set up kickstarter today,but it’s already 2AM ,should do that tomorrow.
I want to employ people who can’t evacuate once I set up my company at Point C or D.

I received a lot of donation. I couldn’t appreciate you all enough.
For some reason,Paypal doesn’t offer “Donation button” to users in Japan. so I used “Buy Now” button as a replacement,but both work the same. Please don’t worry.
About “Packet” , it doesn’t mean anything. Please ignore it.
I saw someone saying if there is a subscription button. I have been wondering if I should have it.
Should I ? Paul and Tom will be busy again. lol

Some people left comments and asked me to keep it unpublished. They are all precious information. I read them all and keep them as notes. Thank you very much.

Good luck to all of us.

PS,For people in South East Asian countries, especially Malaysia,please be careful. Your countries import sea food,rice,fruits and bottled water from Japan. Please avoid eating them.

  1. Je suis une maman, Française, j’ai peur pour le peuple Japonais proche des centrales dont les réacteurs ont souffert après le tsunami? J’ai peur aussi des secousses sismiques à venir. L’énergie nucléaire pose le problème de dangerosité car nous ne maitrisons pas la radioactivité.Je vis dans le pays le plus nucléairsé au monde, je sais que nous subirons aussi un accident et malgré Tchernobyl et Fukushima, la population ne sera pas plus protégée… Votre pays, 3ème puissance mondiale n’a pa su refroidir les réacteurs si bien que la situation provoquée par le tsunami c’est empirée! Désormais, l’océan pacifique est irradié, le cile est irradié, votre sol est irradié… la planète est irradié. Si nous continuons d’exploiter les centrales nucléaires, nous croulerons sous les déchets qu”elles produisent et qui sont nocifs pour plus de 100 000 ans. Votre pays doit montrer l’exemple au monde en montrant qu’il est possible de vivre comme le continent Australien qui n’a pas de centrale nucléaire, qui n’est pas un pays sous-développé. Si vous ne croyez pas aux dangers du nucléaires, regardez les photos des “enfants de tchernobyl” ou des “enfants/ armes nucléaires/ obus à l’uranium 238” vous verrez que ce n’est pas l’alcoolisme qui est à craindre après un accident nucléaire…

  2. Interesting indeed!So you know where I’m posting from – please DON’T publish it!Enough trouble already…

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    Paypal is really not a trustworthy site, so be really careful and good paypa absuses for more info.

    More power to you and I hope you verify this information and act prudently to protect yourself.

  4. Thank you for posting this letter Mochizuki-san. I highly suspect that “Paul” and “Tom” are the same person who is attempting to perpetuate the cover-up campaign of TEPCO. This person may, in fact, be a TEPCO employee!

    Keep up this great blog and never let the nuclear industry swine interfere with your message of TRUTH!

    Thank you.

    1. We all know pushing someone out of harms way is fearmongering! just kidding. it surprises me that this problem seems to be no problem? anyone who has done research on Chernobyl and it’s affects knows over 1,000,000 people got cancer from it! not to mention (I believe) the 40% ozone loss was from Fukashima radiation release. seems the first detected ozone depletion was at the time of Chernobyl. I see a problem! keep posting Mochizuki. thanks

    2. i agree!!! give me five!!!!!! mochizuki, ignore them!!!! these people are not human… keep goin… continue informing us … we believe on you.

  5. Hello Mochizuki,
    I like you have been closely watching since 3/11 but luckily for me I am not living in Japan close to Fukushima…

    I have started using an expression: Nuclear Baloney (NB) which I don’t know if it translates to japanese or not but it means that what someone says is like baloney of finely ground sausage meat… It is easier to say than You are incorrect!

    This article/post to me says everything I’ve been saying about Fukushima since 3/11:

    Architect of reactor 3 warns massive hydrovolca­nic explosion
    Posted by Mochizuki on November 19th, 2011
    In this interview,­he admitted Tepco’s explanatio­n does not make sense,and China syndrome is inevitable­.

    He stated that considerin­g 8 months have passed since 311 without any improvemen­t, it is inevitable that melted fuel went out of the container vessel and sank undergroun­d,which is called China syndrome.

    He added,if fuel has reached undergroun­d water vein, it will cause contaminat­ion of undergroun­d water,soil contaminat­ion and sea contaminat­ion. Moreover,i­f undergroun­d water vein keeps being heated long time, massive hydrovolca­nic explosion will be caused.

    He also warned radioactiv­e debris is spreading in Pacific ocean. Tons of the debris has had reached to Marshall Islands on 11/15/2011­.

    for more see comment 10:30AM (11/19/11

    Know that you are doing your Country and readers around the World a great service by post what you know about what is happening in Fukushima! It is sad that more Japanese people are not stepping up to speak out and not let the Nuclear Industry take advantage of the Japanese people yet again!
    BTW: I was amazed to learn that the money budgeted for future nuclear is still in the budget and that the members of the Diet (?) are not saying a word about it! Forgive me if I am using the wrong names for your Leaders, it is not on purpose!

  6. They just want to discourage you to continue writing this blog by playing some mind games on you, Please do not get too paranoid from all the surveillance and mind games they are trying to pull off! But it is so obvious that it actually makes me laugh.
    Please keep up the great work Mochizuki we need you!

  7. Well, I go to several different blogs to get information about this accident since the official sources are so slow and unreliable. I doubt may people take your blog as gospel since everyone knows the ones who have the most information won’t share it, leaving everyone else to guess and speculate about the true state of things. I don’t think the psycholgical harm comes from the radiation, it comes from knowing you’re being lied to.

  8. It’s actually very easy and common for political organizations to manipulate public opinion. For example, you can find various articles on the internet explaining techniques for “controlling” forums. I find that most people cannot even begin to comprehend the concept of this. We live in the digital information age, yet people still think that what happens on the internet can’t affect real life. Their perception of the world is still very small in scale.

    I’ve had my own share of proven encounters with people (both individuals and groups sharing common interests) pretending to be others and using dirty tricks to slander those who they saw as rivals. That was over ten years ago. There’s no reason to believe it hasn’t gotten worse now, especially with the increase in internet use and websites like Facebook rearing their ugly head.

    Personally, I try to keep an open mind on everything. There is almost never a definite answer for anything. People don’t like to accept this because it undermines their confidence and security. I like to take all information, then weigh the information based on this criteria:

    1. Is it possible? The answer is almost always yes.
    2. How possible is it? Consider personal experience, research and evidence from others, and most importantly, be aware that the world is a big place and there are still many things we do not know of or understand. Just because we haven’t seen or heard of it doesn’t mean it’s not possible.
    3. How reliable and biased is the source? Many people have political motives, but there are also many people who simply don’t want to admit they are wrong (often because it damages their self-confidence or convictions).

    I think most people don’t like to stay in the “gray” area for anything, or accept revisions of facts, because it makes them feel insecure. There is always pressure to “join a side”. I personally don’t see anything wrong with leaving things open. It only matters when you are forced to take some kind of action. Most of the time, no action is required. If I am forced to make a decision, I lean towards the action that results in the least harm to all parties involved. But I won’t lie to myself or others about it. If only everyone else was as reasonable and honest.

    Now, in the case of Fukushima, I think it’s all very simple. Radiation is bad, it damages everything in many different ways. Why is this so hard to understand? Why do people even argue about it? Chernobyl actually happened, so there’s plenty of evidence about the negative effects of radiation. No radiation is better than any radiation. It’s ridiculous to justify large doses of radiation on the grounds that small doses appear to not be immediately lethal. If I was faced with even the slightest possibility of being unnecessarily irradiated, I’d avoid it happening at all costs.

    I’m not anti-nuclear. I’m anti-stupidity. I understand the benefits of nuclear power, but we don’t have adequate countermeasures for when nuclear accidents occur, so we shouldn’t risk using it until we’re ready. This is the problem with all of our technology. It’s simply not worth the cost. Why take the risks? It’s pure human folly.

    Speaking of human folly, this entire situation reminds me of the manga “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” by Hayao Miyazaki. It’s a good read.

  9. >the only perceptible effect of increases of cancer due radiation was above 100 mSv…
    To Paul:
    It could be correct for external irradiation, especially for gamma-ray. But for internal irradiation measuring in Sievert has no meaning. “Hot particle” in lungs produces very low dose, but leads to cancer.
    By the way, Paul, 100 mSv you mentioned is for adults, children, infants or developing fetuses? Children are five to 10 times more sensitive to radiation than adults. Infants and fetuses much more.
    Low radiation dose effect on health is well known by military researchers, specialists in nuclear medicine, and Space mission scientists but was not officially published to prevent “panic” and mass migration.

  10. I’m a 48 yr old woman living in the Los Angeles, CA area.
    I rescue many animals, one of them in the past few years is a ball python (I’m not advocating keeping snakes as pets. I rescued this one, and she/he could not be re-introduced to the wild). Since feeding 5-7 mice twice monthly when it is warm can get expensive, my fiancee and I began breeding mice for food for the snake. Since we generally have 4 housecats at a time, we did at first have problems getting them to breed, and once pregnant, they failed to carry to term. I won’t go into details here, but we found a completely organic way to get them past the stress of the predators enough to get them to breed, birth, and wean several successful mischiefs (that’s what litters of mice are called).
    Since 3/11, my fiancee and I noticed almost immediately all of the mice quit running on their wheels, whereas before 3/11, if their wheels were not adequately lubricated, they would keep my fiancee and I up all night with the sound of the wheels spinning…
    Add to that the fact that we have had 2 consecutive failed breeding attempts… The first time was a failure of any of the females to conceive. The second attempt was made with a new male with appreciable assets… Five of the females showed obvious signs of pregnancy. Of those five, four of them apparently gave birth (I don’t know if they were live births or not, or how many were delivered live or dead, as I generally don’t lift their houses until the second week after the last one delivers). All this time, the babies weren’t making the amount of noise that they should have been, and there were only 4 baby mice moving around the cage. I waited an extra week for the last of the girls, and when she didn’t deliver I lifted their houses. All that was left were two dessicated babies. They generally give birth to eight to ten babies per mischief. Of the four living babies, one is still alive, with the undelivered mother going just a few days ago.
    I told my fiancee when we set to get another round going that they would be the canaries in the coal mine, because I have a good idea what radioactivity does to you, and how fast rodent metabolisms are. It’s not working out well for them, and if you believe ANYONE telling you that Fukushima is nothing to worry about unless you live in Japan, they are LYING to you…
    I could go into detail and tell you how I’m doing on the west coast of the U.S. with a relatively weakened immune system, but if you pay attention to the above, it’s extraneous, meaning that it doesn’t matter, it’s more than is necessary…

    1. Thanks for your story Beth. It really interested me as, yesterday night walking in the Japanese city where I live, I was thinking that we need the equivalent of a canary in a coal mine!Life makes for a pretty good and inexpensive radiation detection device – not meaning to sound insensitive hear, we are the first guinea pigs on line. After Mochizuki-san reported about plant mutations in Tokyo, I pay extra attention to my neighbors’ flowers, to the trees in our streets, etc. Fortunately they’re OK for now. It’s sadly ironic that you might be more contaminated than us in south-west Japan… Still the effects that you describe seem too much too soon to be Fukushima-related. LA is close to many contaminated sites from past experiments and wild dumps – it could be a coincidence. I would suggest an extensive search on Wikipedia to know better about your own backyard, you’d be amazed.

    2. @Beth Patten – Xanadu could be correct. San Onofre has been having issues since the Spring. That could also be causing the trouble in addition to Fukushima fallout. It is very sad and frightening to hear your story. I wonder how the humans have been faring in Cali. Particularly the pregnant ones.

      Stay safe. Think about moving. Did you keep any records of the repro problems in your animals? Could be important later. Just a thought.

      Good night. 😉

      1. Mochizuki san – Thanks for sharing your Tepco Troll correspondence. Look at it this way…you must be doing a good job or they wouldn’t be on the attack.

        At least that’s the bright side I can see. 😉

        Try and stay positive and take care of yourself. Everyone needs you whether they know it or not.

        I tell anyone who will listen about your blog.

        I hope all of the other blog readers are doing the same. We need to get the word out.

        I was thinking today about having some big banners made that say “ BLACKOUT-FIND OUT THE TRUTH!” or something like that.

        Then I’ll post them on overpasses for the rush hour traffic to read. I’ll let you know how it works out.

        Anyway, it’s t’s time for sleeping.

  11. Hey Mochizuki,
    whether that guy is for real or not, it doesn’t really matter.
    there is conclusive proof that low-level exposure leads to myriad health affects (even published in Nuclear industry official reports:
    NRC BEIR VII Phase II states that there is a clear link between low level Cs exposure due to dietary intake and Renal Carcinoma, Cardiovascular Disease, Infant Leukemia, Liver Cancer, Muscular Disorders, etc…) as far as some unfounded rumors go, you are only disseminating already published information and if it is incorrect, it should be greeted with thorough investigation. The fact of the matter is that 7 percent of the infants tested recently in Minami Soma City had 20-30 Bq/L of Cs 137/134 in their urine and that is not psychological. There are existing laws for limitations of contamination in food and if these babies have this much coming out in their urine, there is no way we are in-line with existing regulations for their diets. The laws are based on limits set by the ICRP and IAEA some believe they are too high, some too low. fact is that if you feed illegal levels of carcinogenic contamination to children, you are guilty of a crime. In China, some execs a couple years back got the death penalty for selling contaminated gyoza. Radiation is not magic. Cs 137 is a chemical that emits γ and β rays. The β being the most damaging to tissue. It is a potassium emulator. Internal exposure is different than external.

    Many areas of Japan still measure in excess of 1 μSv/h at 1 meter above the surface on a 1 inch NaI scintillator. This indicates the 300,000Bq/kg neighborhood of radio-Cesium contamination. The national government of Japan has published accurate data suggesting a surrogate relationship can be determined between Cs and Sr90 (it is about 400 to 1). Sr90 and Pu 238/239 also has a definite correlative relationship and Sr 90 (though we still don’t know how far from ground zero that relationship holds as α spectroscopy is prohibitively time-consuming and expensive). Breathing α emitters causes lung cancer PERIOD. You are not an expert. Neither am I. We are surviving. People should be more scared of some things.

    While doing an environmental survey in our ward upon request of a congress worker whose friend found a micro-hotspot and the executive branch didn’t find worthwhile to investigate, a seven year old asked my wife if it was true that we are all going to die in ten years because that was what she heard from her friend at school. I personally doubt that you were the source of that unfounded fear. There is a need for AUTHORITIES AND RESPONSIBLE INDUSTRY to address rational fear with REAL RISK MANAGEMENT. We are not being very responsible as grownups. There is a risk of internal exposure to the radionuclides in our environment. In areas where the ambient air/ soil measurement has increased to only about twice background, It is silly to not let your kid pick up acorns but feed them mushrooms from known contaminated locations. The point I guess that I am trying to make is that what you tell is not always scientific. That is true. That is not your job, your job is to disseminate information and let us do the research to confirm it or not. The job of authorities and industry is to give us data. Some people may be scared of what they find. Many simply don’t want to hear.
    The fact is that this Japan has become a race for survival of the fittest and that means the ones who protect their kids will have healthy kids. The ones who only sit and worry will not only expose their kids anyway but become alcoholics or develop stress-related illnesses. The same is true in war. This situation is bad whether we talk about it or not. If we close our eyes and walk into a forest with wild animals there is a chance we will be devoured. If we pay close attention, there is a much greater chance we will prevail.

  12. I must add that my husband and I have had what we thought was bronchitis, but actually, upon reading the symptoms, sounds very much like the description of pneumonia to which you linked.

    I thought that Japan was screwed from mid-March onward and I have always been passionately anti-nuke. I also know we all live on the same planet and breathe the same air.

    Yet, I did not expect that the radioactive emissions could have such an impact even across this distance.

    I know three people who have had nose bleeding this fall. None of them believe me that it is most likely from Fukushima. 🙁

    I hate cars and I’ll never have one, so I walk outside all the time. That’s risk that I cannot avoid.

    Currently I’m on the east coast, but I will probably leave the US in a few months. Unlike before, when I had a clear idea about my favorite places in the world, now I have to allow for a mixture of conscious decision and luck to decide.

    I have to start meditating and taking better care of my body, because I don’t have any medical insurance in the US. Not that I believe that it can protect you from radiation, but it increases inner strength and the determination to deal with even the worst.

    Good luck to all of us…

  13. Good work Mochizuki san! Keep shedding light on the deceptions the Japanese nuclear industry is spreading. By the way, there are some basic English mistakes in “Paul’s” writing, so he does not seem to be a native English speaker. Maybe he’s “German” so that’s why German nuclear experts have time to stop working at “a Institute in Karlsruhe, Germany” and meet him! If “Paul” is a native English speaker, he is not well educated and it is very unlikely that he is in a position to have access to researchers from any country. It’s obviously a faked message.

    The people scaring me are the “experts” who keep lying. It is true that exposure to radiation from nuclear power plants causes psychological damage as well as physical damage. That’s another reason why nuclear power is so dangerous and is too costly to human health to be worthwhile.

    1. There are many good researchers who speak broken English. Besides Paul and Tom could very well be Wang and Li…

  14. Thanks for your work, Mochizuki.

    I think we are being way too soft on these fraudsters. This is a serious matter and our whole species is at risk from this sort of deception.

    At this point, I think guys like this deserve to die for the scourge they are bringing on humanity.

    Deep regards,

    John Thomas Bryant, Jr.

  15. This Paul-Guy is wrong like you Mochizuki-San,
    the real truth is somewhere in between but not on this Side or his, this Page need Surveillance from People with a real scientific Background and a professional Translator because of her (the pages) influence!

    I am sure that you can get this help if you ask for!

    Please stop to spreading fear that Japan is a Place with Censorship
    or that this Country kick his Citizens out,
    i told you that i sponsor you in that case but i want to see facts and no gimmicks!

    Stop to talk when you don;t know the Truth!
    But rise your voice in the case it is needed!

    anyway, Ganbatte!

    1. I am fairly sure Mochizuki has never claimed to be a scientist.
      Rumors lead to further investigation. Until stories hit here and social networks, legitimate media has no clue. I have seen only a few stories published in all these months on which Mochizuki was off-base and then it only needed a little reading to clarify. Keep up the good work M.

  16. Paul or whatever it’s name is(and who admits they are not experts) seems fully convinced by an apparent informal chat, with “experts” who are not in Japan carrying out tests, or research, that it is safe to be exposed to radiation. He might also like to have a chat with Dr Yamashita from Fukushima, or Edano the ex-lawyer. That will verify their opinion. I myself, feel a little depressed after reading all sorts of factual reports about Chenobyl.

      1. hahahahah!!!!! mataaaa ……. sama miro!!!!! i hope everyone of these murderer got black spot on the face and wear an adobe mask!

  17. Off topic here but I was wondering…Mochizuki-san do know of many people who have left Tokyo (and Japan completely)? Is there any information in the Japanese twittersphere about celebrities or rich people who have left the country?

    I think that Shimada Shinsuke’s sudden retirement from Geinokai and likely relocation to Okinawa is due to him wanting to avoid radiation.

    Also, the celebrity Marie (マリエ) left to study in NY suddenly this year. She has no requirement to work since she comes from a very rich family. I am sure her sudden educational departure from Japan was so she can avoid the radiation.

    I know also, from my circle of friends of several wealthy families that packed up and Japan completely in the week following 3-11. They all lived in Tokyo (Daikanyama, Denechofu, Shibuya, Nakameguro, Yokohama, Chiba, etc).

  18. The government/mafia might as well add a MsV radiation recommended daily value requirement on nutrition labels for food. Its entirely clear that not only are they profiting from their obfuscation, but that they literally have no idea what the hell they are doing.

    I don’t know what they would do if another quake or tsunami occurred and threw the whole area into chaos again – do we just pray to god that everything stays still while we patiently wait for the exposed radiation to exhaust itself?

    And for people claiming external radiation is not damaging, I tell them that Russian Roulette is a healthy sports activity.

  19. Dear Mochzuki,
    I’m not surprised to see that they try to shut you down, obviously you make them nervous!
    Actually, I find it funny that they think you wouldn’t be able to locate their IP address… 🙂
    Thank you for publishing it and make a fool of “Paul and Tom” in public. Well done!
    Please stay strong. There are lots of people who care!!

  20. Mochizuki-san, you are truly a beautiful soul, proof positive of the power of clear seeing and thinking and acting accordingly, thank you for doing what you are and all you can – the room in northern California that Muriel & I have offered on your Evacuations page is waiting you if or when you think you need it

    1. […] beuinsss. The reactors at Japan’s earthquake-battered Fukushima plant continue to pump incalculable amounts of radiation into the air and ocean, causing radioactive rain to fall on North American soil.  The member […]

  21. If you are for real, please google and watch The Battle of Chernobyl, which is online, and interviews many scientists and doctors and other experts who have actually dealt with the fallout from Chernobyl. Because there are PLENTY of hirelings of the nuclear industry and promoters – including IAEA – paid very well to LIE. The number of Chernobyl casualties THEY count (4000) is the most egregious lie of all. And you’ve been talking to them, I see. Also look up Harvey Wasserman on the REAL 3 Mile Island story. The people living around it tried to interest the govt in the numerous birth defects and dead animals and increased cancers, but their concerrns were never even investigated.

  22. Thank You very much Mochizuki san! Your efforts for truth and safety are very appreciated.
    You are serving a very HONORABLE purpose!
    What happened to all the honor of the Japanese People, They are dishonoring their culture by letting themselves be hurt by cover up.
    All these people SHOULD be caring for the young by protecting the genetic stock of their country by moving them away and NOT feeding them contaminated food!

  23. Mochizuki-san. If I may make a suggestion, you should consider selling “” t-shirts from You can generate income this also.

    I envision the Fukushima-Diary logo on the front or back with “Made in Japan” above it and the website name.

  24. Hard to say what effects radiation have on the humans because those who know aren’t talking.

    This is the second world-wide assault by radiation, the first being the period from 1946 to 1963 when the US, the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom tested nuclear weapons in the atmosphere. France and China tested until 1980.

    The radiation releases from these tests, particularly in 1960-62 were enormous. Possible outcomes:

    – Increase in cancers, heart disease and metabolic illnesses worldwide beginning in the 1990s extending to the present.

    – Massive increase in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease beginning in the 1960s.

    – May be related to mental retardation and other brain diseases, also noted post-Chernobyl.

    – Decline in human birthrate worldwide beginning in the 1960s. It may not be ‘prosperity’ which acts as a social contraceptive but ionizing radiation.

    It is also possible that atmospheric chemistry was effected by increase in ionizing radiation. There may be a climate outcome to nuclear testing, now added radiation in the atmosphere.

    Japan problem is at the beginning, nowhere near the end. Many possible hazards with the reactors on the site including building collapse(s), runaway super-criticality/explosion(s), the site too contaminated for humans to work, fire, another earthquake/tsunami or steam explosion. Tepco is incompetent and Japgov is criminal.

    The only way to get attention is for people to boycott Japanese goods, particularly Japanese automobiles. These are high-value return items for Japanese industry. Don’t buy a Japanese car until the Japgov entombs the reactors and isolates them from the ocean. Rads are in the US and all over Europe. More are to come.

  25. The BLUE post is very obviously from some stupid TEPCO-Crappy or Government-crappy worker trying to spread more lies and misinformation, by trying to pretend that your facts are lies, and their lies are facts. (Disinformation tricks of stupid spys or should we say idiots) Read the content of these idiots “Bozo Paul” and Bozo Tom”. The style is similar to tepco-crappy and government flunkies, the stupid logic is the same as well. “Radiation is safe, cancer is unproven, we dont know all, so dont worry, no proof yet”. What complete lies and trash. Just look at the ugly face of Hososono bozo and see the radiation sores growing. Its surprising his nose doesnt also grow 3 meters long with all the lies he speaks. And these idiots pretend to be an average user. What obious nonsense. How stupid these incompatent “spy’s” are. Their blog is quite similar to the nonsense spouting from other government bozos. OBVOIOUSLY the blue post from idiots PAUL and TOM are NOT from foreigners as they claim, but rather from local Tepco-crappy bozos and Japan government wanna be spys. What IDIOTS. And these useless idiots are no doubt being paid by TEPPY-CRAPPO. They just try to make Fukushima Diary website look greedy, when in fact TEPCO-Crappy and its government pawns are the real greedy liars. Just watch them all get radiation sickness and die. Thats karma, and they deserve it well. BYE BY TEPCO-Crappy spys. And by the way, its no use to try to block the enews and other websites. We know why you paid that government contract to find the websites telling the truths about TEPCO-CRAPPY NUCLEAR PLANT. Wow did TEPCO ever make a huge mess. WHAT TOTAL INCOMPETENT IDIOTS. Including their rich president. He deserves to die by his own radiation mess. And he will. ha ha ha

  26. I dont want to teach these Japan TEPCO fakers Tom and Paul, but their English is not from a western person, as their post is actually broken English, Japan style. There style is also the same as the usual nonsense announcements from TEPCO-CRAPPY-DAPPY and their fake experts (the paid off incompetent “idiot professors”). There are broken phrases that actual English speakers never use. An example is the “sorry dude”. Likely these Japanese TEPCO-Crappy idiots Paulosono and Tomosono play a lot of online games and pick up odd slang. But such stupid slang is not used by supposedly intelligent bloggers. Obviously the TEPCO CRAPPY fake posts from Paul and Tom are not actually foreigners as they claim of course. What they actually are is IDIOTS. ha ha ha TEPCO Crappy and HSOSONOSO BOZO dont fool anyone, except that is they do fool their idiot clowns like Paulosono and Tomobozono. IDIOTS!

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