Possibility of another M9.0 off shore of Kanto area

Though this is not a widely admitted theory,considering there have been series of major earthquakes from NZ to Mid US recently, I thought it won’t harm to publish this.

The possible epicenter will be off shore from Kanto to Hokkaido. It’s assumed to be another M9.0, not aftershock of 311.

It’s Dr. Moriya Takeo, staff of Hokkaido University Faculty of Science to introduce the theory.

In 2002, he noticed that VHF wave of FM radio reaches further than normal before earthquake.

After 1~9 days of “sleeping time”, earthquake happens, he says.

The longer time VHF flies unusually long, the bigger the earthquake becomes.

He predicted 311 in July of 2010. He told it would be M8.0~9.0.

This time, he measures the same signal, which may cause M9.0.

The connection between VHF wave and earthquake is not cleared.

However, if another major earthquake hits Fukushima plant, the spent fuel pool of reactor 4, which is hung in the building will drop and cause catastrophic damage to the world.

Thinking about the potential risk, we could not be too careful for earthquake.


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