I will reply to you all tomorrow

Being exposed to bad news around the clock is not good for mental health.

I was exhausted and tried to sleep about 2 hours ago, but I couldn’t help posting at least the 2 previous articles.

What keeps me going on is the sense of justice and the wishful thought, “If I become successful, I may save a lot of other helpless people in Japan.”

I added more options to the donation button last night,so you can pay a little more money at once.

I know I’m nothing but a beggar, but can’t help it. If it’s too annoying, please tell me.

Like other people around me, I have been having diarrhea since this summer (for months) and having sore throat and coughing.

I feel like this winter is a kind of border. No matter how they try to keep me stuck to this island, I must leave. My body requires me to do so.

will post more news tomorrow. Good luck to all of us.

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