News: Actual fallout was 10 times more than reported

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology admitted that they have made a “mistake” on the report about fall out in Fukushima.

The data is about the amount of fallout and the rain, from 6/6/2011 ~ 8/4/2011.

Having said that it was a simple error, it turned out that it was 10 times more than originally reported.

For example…


  • Cs-134 6.6 MBq/km2 → 160 MBq/km2
  • Cs-137 8.0 MBq/km2 → 200 MBq/km2


  • Cs-134 31 MBq/km2 → 590 MBq/km2
  • Cs-137 39 MBq/km2 → 750 MBq/km2

Though it was an “error”, none of the numbers decreased.

If it was a pure mistake, the average of the error must be zero.

However, ALL the data turned out to be way more than originally reported.

This is their typical way.

  • 1) Don’t announce anything.
  • 2) Announce something but it doesn’t look so bad.
  • 3) Announce something which is probably more true,and it’s way more than (2) and we have already got exposed to it./li>

In the process of (1)→(2), moron tend to comment, I’m paranoid or spreading baseless rumor.

In the process of (2)→(3), more moron tend to comment, I’m over exaggerating or spreading the lies.

After (3), moron disappear and don’t take any responsibility. It’s always just us to get damaged.

We should know how they trick us by now.

I repeat.

Do not trust any of their announcements. Just trust your common sense.

and you moron. Hang yourself. You deserve murder.



  1. What are your sources for that claims? Where did they confess the “mistake” ? Any press releases or similar? Or are you just interpreting the map?

    PS: Sorry if this will become a double-posting, sometimes this PC is causing trouble.

      1. One thing is fact. The situation is not over. MSM non-reporting should be a clue, just like BP in the Gulf of Mexico. I suggest the doubters google “Arnie Gundersen” before making comments

  2. @questioner.

    Use your own intelligence, stop relying on others to spoon feed you information, source material yourself and look for the facts with an open mind wherever it may take you.
    otherwise, piss off.

  3. This govt’s strategy is exactry the same as the Soviet Union. But in the case of Soviet, glasnost (publicity) started half a year after Chernobyl disaster and the truth were gradually revealed.

    In japan, already half a year past, but the social attention/movement is still small although the scale of the disaster is extremely huge. It’s a pity…

  4. The revised data for 6/11 isn’t showing up correctly on the file. Is it possible to correct? I just see ” – ” in the data space. Thank you for all your hard work.

  5. It is time to start executing Japanese government officials.

    Not only are they responsible for crimes against Japanese citizens, but also against other countrys.

    The Japanese people need to take control of Justice, before the rest of the world is forced to act.

    After all, they are the ones that will be remembered for the rest of time as the worst affected.
    Babies are being born deformed on Tokyo as I write this.

  6. The only “error” that is ever made is to believe that their information that is released isn’t ALWAYS an error! To call it a lie would be more accurate.

    Confusion is the goal. The more confused the people are, the less the powers that be…have to worry about their jobs.

  7. I live in Alberta Canada and i can with out any hesitation tell you all this event is touching us here. All around i see very strange things happening to the vegetation all around my home.
    Black,brown spots on everything. Leaves mutating on the very tops of almost every broad leaf tree i have see in the last two months. I have photos of one bush that had leaves 4 to 8 times the size they should be. Most road side vegetation is in very bad looking state throughout southern Alberta. I see in every direction the effects of the Plutonium fallout all around just as i saw all the effects of Chernobyl manifest after that event. Southern Alberta has seen a large number of poplar trees succumb to contaminates in the environment and almost every single person i have pointed these things out deny everything or blame these things on bugs or bad soil conditions.
    As i see these things manifest all about me and i see the wishful thinking my fellow Albertans have constructed out of fear i can also feel the extreme seriousness of this still young catastrophe. If you hear any TEPCO or Japanese government official saying “it is not too bad don’t worry” then you should remember the fallout and contamination is effecting the entire globe Alberta included and i can prove it.

    Plutonium is serious dangerous and there is TONS of it in the environment right now some in the sea some in the atmosphere still more in the plants and animals.

  8. Look at the numbers. The ratio is closer to 20 times the previous figures:

    Cs-134 6.6 MBq/km2 → 160 MBq/km2
    Cs-137 8.0 MBq/km2 → 200 MBq/km2


    Cs-134 31 MBq/km2 → 590 MBq/km2
    Cs-137 39 MBq/km2 → 750 MBq/km2

    Don’t let the units intimidate you into ignoring the numbers.

  9. Given the conscientious medical problems reported by 2700 different sources, due to fallout from Chernobyl, combined with previous research (government and Dr. Linus Pauling-REAL Nobel Prize winning),and inspection and noting of the huge quantities of spent and ‘inuse’ fuelinvolved in the total melt-downs jshould have established 10 times the fallout as further obfuscation of the truth. This is really bad news for all and is not necessarily continued. I have heard individuals online such as Rense and Dr. somebody throw up their hands and say how hopeless it all is. And things CAN BECOME THAT HOPELESS if you listen to that crap. There exists no leadership in America because of the ignorance of the voters. They voted in the same shit-for-brains that they so treasure. Now control of the Fukushima mess should include massive input from the perps at GE and Westinghouse as well. The U.S. government O.K.ed the design, location, and commissioning of this facility and ALL are as guilty as anyone in Japan. Stop mewling, America, or they will get you next.

  10. Look how much inuse and spent fuel is going up. Then curse the morons partying and laughing their asses off every day because they do not understand any of this. They did not do it. The perps are identifyable and must be brought to justice to save the world from their monsterous behavior. They are wealthy and compulsive and messed up. The real radiation is dozens of Chernobyls already and scheduled to be continued by the perverts in charge.

  11. What about the reports of radioactive sulphur being deposited all over Western Canada ? I work in the oil and gas biz in Alberta.In late August we got a good bit of rain,after coming home to Edmonton,I noticed my car had a really strong smell of sulphur on it.Took a rag and wiped a bit of the rain off,it had really strong sulphur smell.After the rain stopped and the grass dried off ,it was covered in a fine white powder which stunk of sulphur.Never ever seen this before,no one is talking about it.Have heard reports of the same thing hitting the west coast.

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