120,000 Bq/Kg from elementary school in Ibaraki



A local NPO group “Save children from radiation” measured 120,000 Bq/kg of Cs in the soil near entrance of Ryugasaki Kubodai elementary school.
Beside the pool,they also measured 11,720~19,050 Bq/Kg from soil of 4 locations.

In the area of the elementary school,at 1m high from the ground,2 micro Sv/h at 2 locations,1 micro Sv/h at 14 locations.
In mid october,they decontaminated the area but still they measure 1 micro Sv/h at 6 locations.

In this city,they also measure over 0.23 micro Sv/h at 178 locations.

Obviously,evacuation is the better way to survive than decontamination.


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    and he says that it is much more worse in japan than tschernobyl how to care about the people especially the children…

  2. By now there should be more people realizing they ARE going to die because of TEPCO,the Govt.& their security forces than they have to protect them from the mob of people who should start making examples of the worst of them!!Organize carefully,make police,military,Yakuza paid goons,etc. become too overwhelmed to protect their package(VIP’s)and make Japan hell on Earth for them so they have no choice but to step down or die. Carefully pre-choose new leadership versed in the functions ordinary Govt. positions require who are champions of the PEOPLE-NOT Industry and cut the child-murderers throats and have new leadership immediately step in to take charge and TRY to lead Japan out of this mess that threatens all of the public across the world while moving forward with plans that include rebuilding it’s Industrial might while ensuring that heartless politicians who regard human life as secondary to money & their personal pride! The filth you have in power now will commit suicide & take everyone else with them if your people do not act NOW!! What do you have to lose at this point?!!You guys can do it-I KNOW you can!!Don’t be afraid of foreign intervention on their behalf-soon those complicit in this Intl. conspiracy & crimes against ALL humanity will be too busy worrying about what their actions here & abroad have inspired against them to try to use their military machine against anyone else anyway!A just & good,honorable military is made up of soldiers who follow orders,that is until they’re ordered to take up arms against those who sickened their wives,children,mothers & fathers and will know in their hearts who the true enemy is!!As long as there is someone with a pure heart who loves his own people more than material wealth & power to assume command it cannot fail!!Do your homework,plan it well-but for any chance to see your children live & thrive and laugh or smile ever again-you’d better get started soon! The time for talk is over,”talking”to evil beings didn’t work-time for a forceful change!!Good Luck!!You WILL need it!!

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