Cement maker leaked 13,200 t of 1000Bq/Kg water to the sea

Radioactive incinerated ash is increasing more and more.
Now every local government is having headache how to deceive the citizens to abandon it without letting them notice it.

They are starting to force concrete makers to use radioactive incinerated ash.

In Chiba, a Concrete maker Ichihara ECO cement admitted they released highly contaminated radioactive water into the sea.

It was 1054~1103 Bq/ Kg of cesium. They stopped releasing it on 11/2/2011 having the warning of the Chiba local government.
They released 300 t of contaminated water into Tokyo bay everyday, even from September to October,they released 13,200 t of cesium water in total.

This company receives more than 30,000 t of incinerated ash annually. As their incinerated ash was getting more contaminated, they could not help releasing the water.


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