Slow death

(Slow Death- Japan is awaiting nightmare (summary))

Dörte Siedentopf has been travelling in regions around Chernobyl for 20 years to help victims, she is member of the IPPNW and speaks about the slow death in Belarus and what could happen in Japan after Fukushima. Peter Poprawa interviewed her on n-tv.

She says:
Of course workers in the plant suffer from radiation but also thousands and hundreds of thousands of persons who suffer from low radiation. We tend to forget that low radiation that accumulates in people’s bodies causes ailments.

The body cannot distinguish between Caesium (cesium is US spelling) and Potassium, so the body accumulates Caesium via breath and food. You cannot protect yourself from that. After ingestion, the body integrates Caesium in its cells and destroys the energy balance of the cells. That is, of all kinds of cells! The cells die afterwards.

Children are more endangered than adults, because their cells divide themselves constantly. Because they grow, they need permanent energy and have to deal with the impairment of their cells. With children, ailments will start earlier, one to four years afterwards, such as in the case of Chernobyl. Adults have a latency period for Cesium of 20-25 years. It is a slow death, adults who survived 25 years become ill now. The children got sick much earlier and often died.

Cesium also accumulates in reproductive cells, also in the ovaries and women’s human eggs. Those do not reproduce, so they are damaged for the whole span of life. Men’s sperm does reproduce, but they also hand on damaged information. Either infertility will occur or damaged information will be handed on. Responsible persons should have brought women and children to the south a long time ago. There will be a lot of cases of leukemia. The cesium cloud is a catastrophe for Japanese people and we still do not know much about other radionucleotids.

Children are also more apt to accumulating Iodine in their thyroids. The numbers of cases of thyroid cancer will rise.

Strontium is similar to potassium. The body cannot discern between them. So people absorb it via food. It will be integrated in bones and teeth and will affect bone marrow, where blood is produced. There are stem cells that are transformed into white blood cells and blood plates. Strontium will stay there for the whole life span and emits Beta-radiation.

Half life time means that only half of the radiation has disappeared. You have to multiply the half life time by ten in order to know approximately, when it disappeared from the environment. In the case of Strontium and Cesium that would be 400 years.

People will suffer from cancer. And from ailments that are related to strontium. Strontium affects the heart muscle. Children die from cardiac insufficiency by the age of 2,3 or 4 years (that was the case in Chernobyl). Kidneys and liver stop working, blood will be affected. Those effects on the blood are also known as “Chernobyl Aids” with deadly consequences.

I am visiting the region around Chernobyl for 20 years and people still do not want to talk about the accident and their future. They live with the death. There is no family that is not confronted with death. Young people suffer from ailments that we knew only from the elderly. People leave their house and drop dead. Cardiac Insuffiency. Also strokes with 20, 25 or 30 years are not rare.

Half of the fuel rods in Fukushima seems to contain plutonium. Even if you ingest only a small amount of plutonium, lung carcinoma will develop. The body can do nothing against that. It is not curable.







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40 Responses to “Slow death”

  1. JT says:

    Bible, Old Testament prophecy about Jesus,
    found in names of first 10 patriarchs,
    and the meaning of their names

    Name Meaning

    Adam Man
    Seth Appointed
    Enos Mortality
    Kenan Sorrow
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    Jared Shall Come Down
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    Methuselah His Death Shall Bring
    Lamech The Despairing
    Noah Rest

    Adam – man (Mankind)
    Seth – is appointed (Appointed/placed/put)
    Enosh – a mortal man (of) (mortal/frail man)
    Kenan – sorrow (wailing chant)
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    Jared – shall come down (Coming down)
    Enoch – instructing that (Initiated)
    Methuselah – his death shall bring (Man of the missile/dart)
    Lamech – those sinking down in despair (Grieving)
    Noah – comfort/rest (Rest/to comfort)

    • kintaman says:

      Please take your religion related posts elsewhere. How distasteful.

      • doitsujin says:

        I agree, nobody is interested in your bible and doomsday lectures!

      • JT says:

        Who appointed you as leader of the intolerant? And what right do you have to limit free speech?

        • uke says:

          Such energies should be directed towards fixing the issue, not propagating ancient lies

        • Alessia says:

          That’s not free speech, it’s just a parade of total bollocks! Go and fantasize with your bible somewhere else.

          • Tom Dark says:

            That’s the problem. Lots and lots of people fantasize with their bibles where they could be facing reality. The reality is personal responsibility.

            People who’ve become so frustrated and miserable do fantasize about horrid ends coming to the world they know. They don’t want responsibility either for the world they’ve created for themselves, they want to blame others. For this, a fairy-tale destructive god becomes a handy substitute for personal responsibility.

            When you get enough of these sorts together, you get the Jonestown mass suicides. When you get enough of them in government, you get “neocons” and the like, always playing around with total nuclear destruction and the like.

        • listening says:

          Don’t worry, JT. Myself and other believers hear you. The magnitude of this disaster definitely far exceeds man’s reach!!

          Great blog, by the way.

  2. Naoya Yamaguchi says:

    This article should be translated into Japanese and delivered to every household.

  3. Kaj Guglson says:

    Strontium is similar to Calcium. The body cannot differentiate between them. So people absorb it via food. It will be integrated in bones and teeth and will affect bone marrow, where blood is produced. There are stem cells that are transformed into white blood cells and blood plates. Strontium will stay there for the whole life span and emits Beta-radiation.
    Strontium decays into yttrium and can go into the Blood causing problems…

    • Avril says:

      Yes, strontium is similar to calcium not potassium.

      Strontium is assimilated by the bones and causes bone cancer.

      People should take calcium supplements to block the strontium for entering the bones and then take all kind of chelators like seaweeds, pectine, alginate, zeolites, etc., to wash it away trough the intestins and urany tract.

  4. doitsujin says:

    The only thing you can do living in Japan is to take high doses of Kalium (Potassium) and Calcium every day. If you do that for the rest of your life, you decrease the chances of getting Cesium and Strontium incorporated into your body. But there is nothing you can do against Plutonium.

  5. Mikkai says:

    Very important article!
    WHO and IAEA and all health ministeries ignore the latency of radiation
    The original article reads “Stiller Tod”
    which means “Silent / Quiet Death”
    But slow death is also correct = lateny of Cesium and Strontium.
    I quoted the original article in March and added interesting W.H.O. data to it:
    WHO and japanese officials ignore irradiated Children:

    As I wrote on FB:

    Dörte is a friend of mine and is currently working on a study about the risk increase by small internal radiation. She drove me and a teacher from Belarus to an event infront of the (now shutdown) reactor Neckarwestheim, where we spoke infront of 8,000 people.
    here is Dörte speaking: afterwards: Keith Baverstock, former W.H.O. And here is Dörte speaking to Dr. Neira of the WHO, where we met Dr. Neira (beginning at 8:53):

    I really have belarusian friends who say that their bones hurt.
    It’s Strontium 90.

  6. Stan says:

    Mochizuki thanks for your work and for speaking out, for being a “deru kui.”

    A question about Strontium, doesn’t it replace Calcium, not Potassium as stated in the article?

  7. zed says:

    I think it’s time the Japanese Red Army came back.

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  9. Italics Mine says:

    We were always told that nuclear energy was modern, safe, and yadayadayada. Those that tried to enlighten were called alarmists, old-fashioned, and mental cases. Now we know that nuclear disaster = humanicide. And there’s not a damned thing we can do about it.
    How many reactors are still operating full speed ahead world-wide? And we’re SO reliant upon power that we can’t undo the evil genie. Not with this crazy planet’s quest to reach 8 billion, 10 billion, 100 billion trillion. What’s the goal?

  10. nika says:

    Tom Dark – very well said – as Sagan said – we live in a demon haunted world

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  14. Mikkai says:

    NEW Interview Dec 26th 2011 with friend of mine (Dr. Dörte Siedentopf IPPNW): “The hot Stone” about Chernobyl, Belarus, Fukushima, IPPNW, WHO, IAEA – she has 20 years of experience with Chernobyl:!84368/

  15. Christine Dillon Strickland says:

    Your average man, woman and child never will understand that radiation does not ONLY cause cancer. That is information that has been well documented, and also well HIDDEN. Radiation is an abomination and it is killing our children and their children, and also killing their intellect. Generation after generation will be affected and there is no way to PROVE the relationship, but there are ways to associate it strongly. Sadly, the Nuclear Machine continues on, and our future generations will have nightmares to contend with beyond our imaginings unless the THINKING PEOPLE bring them to their end. Stand FOR people and AGAINST the nuclear demon!!!

  16. does baking soda whiten teeth work…

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  17. redcross says:


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