Right wing and police abuse the mothers

Regarding the previous post, Mothers stand up against JP gov’s violation

Mothers from Fukushima withdrew, but mothers from Tokyo still occupy Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

However, just after the Fukushima mothers left the place, 11/6/2011 AM 3:30, right wing (maybe hired by someone) and police attacked their tent and abused the remaining women for 2 hours.

There were only 5 people in the tent, they were extremely scared. They need help right now.

Here are their tweets.

tentohiroba 経産省前テントひろば

<Spread please>
Just after the Fukushima mothers left, right wing groups and police came at 3:30AM and yelled at us “Get out of the street” “Get out of the tent.”

There were only 5 people in the tent, couldn’t sleep. I’m worried if any more participants will come.

Please more people come and join to help us !

gigerkawasaki gigerkawasaki
by tentohiroba

Now we are attacked by right wing. Now we are defending to the death. Police is working together with right wing and yell to get rid of the tent right now.

yukikoot ひまわり
by tentohiroba
★拡散願います!★ 難聴になりそうなくらいの爆音と軍歌。右翼の街宣車が何台も止まって、経産省前テントに対して物凄い嫌がらせ。今日だけで3回目。警察も音量測ってません。騒音酷い。

<Spread please>
Right wing is making so much noise of army song to make me almost deaf. So many right wing cars park here to attack us. This is the 3rd time. Police doesn’t try to stop them. so loud.

tentohiroba 経産省前テントひろば

I think more right wing cars will come. but we must save the tents to protest against nuclear policy. We need more people to know us. We are too few, it’s getting dangerous. We expect you for the help.

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