I’m hacked.

Since this morning,I have been having a trouble to log into Fukushima Diary myself.

I was automatically logged off from Dashboard when I turned on the PC.

Since then,I’ve been having a trouble to post new articles. I changed the password and managed to post new articles ,but this is annoying.

Fukushima Diary has been often attacked by some mentally challenged people ,but now the target seems me directly.

As I have been telling ,we really need a guard of white hackers.

Anyway,it’s kind of soon for me to move to my new nest.
I’m thinking of posting the pictures or something I find funny on the way
though it has nothing to do with Fukushima.
If I’m taken a court ,I’ll post the picture of the judge to look down on me.

I hope it will be helpful for some people to follow my wild ride.

Today it turned out that baby formula is contaminated.
It’s nothing new to me ,but maybe was shocking for some people who wanted to think radiation attaches only to rice and beef,not baby formula for some reason.

Everyone want to eat the least contaminated food.
Last week ,the safety limit for school lunch was raised from 20 Bq/Kg to 40 Bq/kg. It will be raised to 60 Bq/kg soon. That’s only the matter of time.
“Everyone want to eat the least contaminated food. ”

but realistically speaking,what will you do next year ? and what will you do next next year ?
It will be worse and worse. Now it might be ok ,yet. but how about the near future ?

“Live now” is a concept of Zen.
but it’s not the time to conduct zen method.

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