Children stopped growing in Fukushima

In Koriyama shi Fukushima, Dr Kikuchi Nobutaro surveyed the increase of the weight of the children.

They compared the increase of the weight of 245 of 4~5 years old children at 2 kindergartens in Koriyamachi.and they pointed out children grew up only 26% of last year. It can be said, children stopped growing up in Koriyama, Fukushima.

As the result,
7/2009 ~ 6/2010 → +3.1kg
7/2010 ~ 6/2011→ +0.81kg (only 26% of growth measured the previous year)

Another doctor gives a comment about this.


Dr.Kikuchi states it may be because children can’t play outside, they lost muscles.

However, mothers testify their children don’t say they are hungry anymore. It’s very unusual. Some of the children have grown only by 500g through the year.


  1. Fukushima AIDS is taking its toll. It is very clear to me that not going outside is not the reason for the drcrease in childrens growth, it is the radiation that is affecting the immune system of the children. It is total madness what is going on there, The children of Koriyama should be evacuated.

  2. I wonder if a Japanese doctor stood up and said he firmly believed it is caused by radiation and “Fukushima AIDS” was real and started referring to research known after Chenobyl…if he would keep his job?

    1. Dear Yamaguchi-San,

      in the medical Field we need “to prove” our Opinion,
      this is normally done with 2 “Double Blind Experiments”
      with enough People, this is very difficult, takes a very long Time and is not cheap, in fact it is very expensive!

      We need to trust “intuition and the knowledge” of the Doc!

      In my Opinion we need to look for psychological Reasons,
      for the Kids it was very hard in the last Months,
      but we should not forget the Radiation of course!

  3. This is a very important result. But someone should follow up the health of these children with a questionnaire study. There could be a number of reasons for this result, but one of them is that the chronic internal irradiation is destroying tissue and causing physiological effects, particularly on the heart. There is a new book I have edited on this, 328 pages, published on 20th Nov by Green Audit for the ECRR. It is: Fukushima and Health- What to Expect; Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference of the European Committee on Radiation Risk, May 5/6th Lesvos, Greece. At this conference the health effects of the Chernobyl contamination were presented by all the eminent Russian, Belarussian and Ukrainian scientists who had studied them on the ground. The Cornerstone of Science Philosophy is the Canon of Agreement which states that the antecedent conditions of a phenomemon, when repeated, will produce the same phenomenon. The Chernobyl phenomenon is repeated in Fukushima and we know what to expect.It is in the book.

    1. @ Busby-San,

      please upload this Document or a Link for free here and other Forums, medical Books are very difficult to get here in Japan and not everyone can use Ama(z)on!

      I know it is expensive to publish a Book but F’Shima is extra-ordinary and we need to walk a new Path.

    2. Dear Prof. Busby,
      Many thanks for sharing your information on this topic. It is clear that not playing outside is not the cause of the decrease in growth. Kids who do not play outside and play for example X-box all the time, grow and get fat, but they still grow. As I understood from your various contributions on the internet, which I highly appreciate, Cesium-134 and 137 gets incorporated into the muscles via the food chain, because the body thinks it is potassium (kalium) and starts destroying the muscles cell of the infants. Which is abviously the main reason for the decrease in growth. In addition the heart needs potassium in order to beat properly, when Ceasium gets incorporated into the heart muscle it can cause Cardiac dysrhythmia and by destroying the heard tissue heart attacks. I dare to predict that heart diseases will increase in the future in Japan even among the infant population. I am wondering what will happen to the nerve cells, because they also need potassium to function?
      Can Cesium isotopes cause mental deficiencies?

      I am very concerned about contaminated fish getting on my plate even in Germany (where I am from), I stopped going to the Sushi Bar and I am not eating any products with fish from the FAO regions 61,67,71 and 77 anymore.
      Most of the radiactive contamination from Fukushima went into the pacific ocean.

      Are there any news concerning the matter of isotopes in fish from the Pacific reaching Europe?

      Many thanks again for sharing your insights on the internet with the whole world. Especially regarding nuclear scientist who spread misinformation and propaganda.

      Please continue to contribute, we need you more than ever!


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