Architect of Reactor 3 warns of massive hydrovolcanic explosion

Architect of Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 3, Uehara Haruo, the former president of Saga University had an interview on 11/17/2011.

In this interview, he admitted Tepco’s explanation does not make sense, and that the China syndrome is inevitable.

He stated that considering 8 months have passed since 311 without any improvement, it is inevitable that melted fuel went out of the container vessel and sank underground, which is called China syndrome.

He added, if fuel has reaches a underground water vein, it will cause contamination of underground water, soil contamination and sea contamination. Moreover, if the underground water vein keeps being heated for long time, a massive hydrovolcanic explosion will be caused.

He also warned radioactive debris is spreading in Pacific Ocean. Tons of the debris has reached the Marshall Islands as of 11/15/2011.


  1. Makes perfect sense to me. You might add that this particular nuclear plant real estate will probably become a hole, a kind of new bay, with some flooding in the process – a mini tsunami?Then TEPCO will have achieved ″cold shutdown″ as promised and the size of the evacuation zone will not be an issue anymore, as it’ll be gone.
    Question:in all their stupidity, incompetency and criminal complacency, were they able to predict such an event happening around their January deadline, taking into account the rate of descent of the material they deny is lost and the hydrography?

    1. Since Japan is so close to China, maybe we need to change the term “China Syndrome”. If we’re lucky, maybe “D.C. Syndrome”

  2. I Live in Japan. I am a japanese.
    I fear very much about the fukushima NPP present situation.
    The government officially said that they are going to stop in the cool temperature(reionnteishi)

    I fear that the uranium fuel is melted thru the container into the soil.

    Why the government not says that these critical situation and
    danger you mentioned.

    At the early time Assistant Professor Koide of Kyoto University mentioned the possibility. And urgently block the underground around the building. The melted fuel get thuru the inside of the soil will contaminate and goes thuru into the sea. This must be blocked by building the block inside the soil of the NPP s

    TEPCO has aware of this fact Mr.Koide mentioned at that time and
    Tepco’s plan includes the dealings of these case.

    I think the government hides the fact and is afraid of being known the reality.
    How do you think?
    The goverment is very unrealiable, and betrayal.

    1. @ TOMOKO YAMAKAWA who said “And urgently block the underground around the building.”

      because it is impossible?? The best that can be hoped for is that there are no more big earthquakes, that ground water can be pumped out and decontaminated, and that the corium creates a stble self-made ‘drill hole’ (shaft) which does not collapse. Thus preventing pressure build-up.

      Eventually the decay heat will be less, and if we are lucky the corium is becoming so contaminaed with molten silicates, etc. that the fissionable material will be unable to reach criticality, even if by chance it clumps together in a bigger blob (lump) as it descends into Hell.

      1. greetings: just how would one decontaminate the ground water pumped out of the fissure created by the melt down? how would one make it non-radioactive?

    2. Tomoko, it is not so much the nuclear disaster that you should fear as the concept of the centralized nation-state…

      Via wage-slavery, gov’ts the world over are creating these kinds of technologies and nightmares and running our precious planet off the edge!

      1. quote “Tomoko, it is not so much the nuclear disaster that you should fear as the concept of the centralized nation-state…

        Via wage-slavery, gov’ts the world over are creating these kinds of technologies and nightmares and running our precious planet off the edge!”

        i dont think you are paying attention sir or madam. have you not been following these events? are you scientifically illiterate? yeah world government is a nightmare, but newsflash, this has been going on for centuries, we have HAD world government and slavery for thousands of years, and the ONLY reason so many have woken up to this fact is that poppa bush announced the new world order in the early 90’s. its been here for centuries. japan is melting into the ocean ok. end of statement.

        1. Obviously, based on his last statement, he must still believe the earth is flat, in order to have an edge for it to be driven off of….just saying….

          1. Michael, do you really believe what you just said about the author of the message? Perhaps it would do you some good to watch other than Fox for your “news”. By the time you recognize what is, and has been, going on, it will be too late for you to do anything to change it.

          2. greetings. he did not say the world was flat but that Japan was melting into the sea. a totally different thing. possibly you read it wrong.

        2. Nuclear technology depends on layers and complexity; on ‘the job’ and the ‘wage-slave’ to ‘steal’ the labour from in the form of taxes to governments– essentially oligarchies.

          The wage-slave-cum-tax-slave pays for nuclear technology against their understanding, or control. Against democracy.

          And so that’s what you get: A once-natural and beautiful Japan and its people in a radioactive nightmare, and a town melting into the sea as is described.

          Look up the Iron Law of Oligarchy. Wikipedia is good enough. Many of us around the world live under them, under the illusion of democracy.

    3. try to have a passport ready and travel plans. good luck brother. things can only get worse

    4. Tomoko Yamakawa San,

      I live in Northern California – Radiation Fallout Levels Increasing; Milk, Water, Food, Rain Water Contain More Radiation Now.

      I love Japan Very Much – Japan Is A Beautiful Jewel In Our World. Please Continue Fighting Harder! Never Practice Silence In The Face Of Evil, Instead Boldly Proclaim Your Truth And Bring Shameful Regret To Those Around You Who Practice Foolishness And Wickedness.

      My Prayers And Salty Tears Are With You And All Japan Each Day!

      Be Stronger Becoming More Like Light Dispelling Darkness! <3

      1. If you live in Japan especially Fukushima and Tokyo you need to be worried and get out of there now.

        If you live anywhere else you can stop worrying. The concentrations that reach us are to small to be of concern. But we should not buy food from Japan/Asia or at least measure it´s radioactivity levels.

      2. Who Taught You To Capitalist The Beginning of every other word? I can’t even follow the logic by which you are doing so. The only guess I have is that you are quoting a poem?

        To the people above talking about New World Order, you are both ridiculous. I hate to argue with you types, but let me clearly delineate the reasons for a media blackout.

        1. To limit the outrage and pandemonium that could arise. People will be pissed off if this story gains too much exposure. Where their wrath will be directed is anybody’s guess

        2. To limit Tepco’s exposure here. How much money they stand to lose from the incident could well cause bankruptcy if the facts here gain too much exposure.

        3. Usually I like to have three points when I preface something, but those are the only two that I think really matter. Others such as nuclear power coming under attack elsewhere around the globe are secondary to these above two I think.

        1. So your suggestion is to stay as the proverbial mushroom that is kept in the dark and fed excrement, until it is too late for your survival?

    5. I agree with you Tomoko: something should have been built underground to stop it, and it should have been started back in March. Probably massive work would have to take place, and massive amounts of money would have to be injected, since it would have to be ready much faster than, say, subway tunnels, but I’m not sure it couldn’t have been done. And if it can still be done, then it should be done. No matter the cost or resources needed. Japan should focus entirely on it, and other countries should join in to help. Preventing the contamination of the water table in Fukushima should be priority number one for a lot of countries. The madness has got to stop.

      1. I believe the problem is a high water table, it is not easy to mine into it and get under like Chernobyle.

        1. It’s not the “water underground”, it’s the sea water. Fukushima is now like a sponge floating in the ocean.

    6. Yes…another betrayel of the People as seen so many times in History.
      The Japanese People must change their slave mentality inherited from the past….but careful not to throw out the ‘baby with the bathwater’ and keep intact the good culture and start asking questions and demand answers!!

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      The latest message I published is hard truth.
      Blessings to you and the Japanese people
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    8. the government will never be helpful. the government has lied from day one. the government is only interested to protect the elites and thinks that there are anyhow too many people alive.

      1. Greetings. maybe they are right. there are too many people in the world. but are the too many people among the workers and lower class that do all the labor. or in the parasites in the upper class that benefit from the labor of others. maybe we need to get rid of 1% of the people at the top and not the 99% of the rest of the people.

    9. I find it astonishing given that Japan had TWO Nuclear bombs dropped on civilian cities that they went ahead with supporting Nuclear Power in the first place, especially when they could have taken to Thorium Nuclear energy instead without the dangers inherent with Uranium and the production of deadly Plutonium as by-product ( India and China are now investing in Thorium instead of Uranium) …..and why did they accept all that Plutonium from America via Israeli’s to store in one of their Fukushima Plants???
      Questions need to be asked of those in Power and answers demanded.
      Slave mentality is just not good enough!

    10. Tomoko San,

      Chinese Syndromがあれば、大変ですが、私達は何も出来ません。でも、東北の国民を守ることが出来ると思います。

    11. Tomoko,
      I want to apologize for the insensitive and thoughtless comments of some of the posters here. It must be very hard over there (I am in US) to live and to find out accurate information. You are right, the government of Japan is not telling the truth. Neither is our government. It is good you are reading ENEnews, it’s hard to find accurate information elsewhere (I’m looking all the time). I pray for you and your family and friends, and all of Japan.
      Soon we may all be “in the same boat.” Radiation is coming here, and new problems arise at Fukushima plant. We are afraid here too. I confess ignorance, until now I did not understand how dangerous the nuclear plant is; I knew it was dangerous, but I never imagined how bad.
      I am petitioning our government to help to stop the disaster at Fukushima Reactor No. 4 spent fuel pool, and signing all petitions I can find. I don’t know what else to do.
      Tell us, what can we do to help ?

  3. Japan is now suffering with a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disast­­er,
    … Yet TEPCO and the Gov’t. maintain that it, in effect, is “no big deal”:

    Polluted Ocean, N☢ Problem, it will get better after a while….
    Polluted Fields, N☢ Problem, they can remove the upper layer
    Polluted Air, N☢ Problem, they can wear paper masks for a while
    Polluted Food, N☢ Problem, they can mix the good food to dilute the bad
    Polluted Homes, N☢ Problem, they can power wash them clean
    Polluted Schools. N☢ Problem, they can clean them off
    Polluted Cities, N☢ Problem, they can return soon…
    Polluted Lives, N☢ Problem, they can move on…
    Polluted Country N☢ Problem, the rich can relocate

    Just what will it take to wake up the Japanese People to the very real potential that a corium groundwater and or a corium ocean seawater steam “event” could cause on going Global radioactive pollution for decades?

    1. 1.9 billion people in 1910& over 7 billion people on Earth in 2010.
      How do I travel to another earth-type planet in another solar system,
      not only to avoid the affects of nuclear power plants that do not work,
      but of the Earth running out of resources for our population?

      1. Dear KH,there is not a population problem in the world ,this is another trick by the nwo to make us think there are too many people ,it seems like it because slaves are squeezed into tiny boxes in citys,really there is plenty of space plenty of food,for everyone ,the rockafella family could feed clothe and house everyone on the planet by themselves ,but they have chosen to keep the wealth and power themselves, and bring about population reduction by starving the people of the planet, and causing the financial crises on purpose to kill as many poor people as they can ,they are satanic cult,,this is the real reason for the catastrophic situation in the world,fucashima could be one of their sick population reduction plan,how has this incident been allowed to get out of control ,unless it was planned that way?thank you ..ian

        1. has anyone read the camelot project…..its all out there for us to read….but one is doing much about it…we are too busy with our own lives…and then…we will all be taken over…slavery etc…..

  4. The 3 Molten Coriums are “turning themselves On and Off” (what some refer to as subcritical fissions) and these UNCONTROLLED interactions are creating the short lived radionuclies that are being measured AFTER TEPCO has declared the Complex “In cold shutdown”? If this process generates massive heat spikes, then perhaps it is what I’ve been calling The Fuky Effect, (the periodic spikes observed in the reactor temperatures… See Corium “Flows” Picture I believe that what is happening in Japan is ONGOING, not a brief event like Chernobyl.

    This Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster is still on going and as one of the “Japanese Irregulars” that have been following this since 3/11 and blogging on HuffingtonPost about it, I’d like to share:

    1. That not only is this multi-reactor meltdown still spewing radioactivity into the air and Pacific Ocean off the reactor complex but the current estimates are that any resolution (cleanup is too benign a word) will take DECADES!

    2. TEPCO & the US Nuclear Industry are trying to say that this entire Debacle is due to the big Tsunami and NOT the Quake, because if the quake is the real initiator (and many believe the data points in that direction), then that puts all reactors at risk! Nature can destroy any reactor anytime anywhere 24/7/365, because Nature does not follow reactor design limitations! Case in point American reactors have a very low G rating (think shake rating) so they will fail if there is a big quake! The NRC knows this and you can read email about it here: It takes a while to load, but it is worth the wait!

    3. Please realize that they cannot just cover this complex up with concrete because the Molten Corium is just too hot (no pun intended)! This melted super radioactive “Stew” has already melted through one or more reactor pressure vessels (most observers think 3 reactors) and is at the moment working it way through the cement containment structures (some even feel this has happened already) and is now heading through the “landfill” below the complex toward the water table below! If that happens then the resulting radioactive steam release will be gigantic and its affects will be seen globally!

    4. Ask yourselves how the USA would handle a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster like the Japanese are struggling with now and then perhaps many will continue to question if Nuclear is indeed the best option for America or any other Country!

    For more, consider searching Huffingtonpost for Japan Reactor or start here

    1. greetings. if you asked how would the U.S. handle a invasion on a weaponless 3 world nation living in the stone age they could answer you. but note how they reacted to the comparatively minor event of the British Petroleum well head blow up and massive leak that has contaminated the entire gulf of Mexico. they did not react at all and refused the help of anyone who actually knew what to do and volunteered to shut the well down. the U.S. would do the same level of competence in handling the Japanese reactors problem. our answer? our president wants to build more reactors all over our nation. which is of course no solution at all.

  5. 1) Former Minister for Internal Affairs Haraguchi Kazuhiro has alleged that radiation monitoring station data was actually three decimal places greater than the numbers released to the public. If this is true, it constitute s a “national crime”, in Nishio’s words.

    2)The reason for official reluctance to admit that the earthquake did direct structural damage to reactor one is obvious. Katsunobu Onda, author of TEPCO: The Dark Empire … who sounded the alarm about the firm in his 2007 book explains it this way: “If TEPCO and the government of Japan admit an earthquake can do direct damage to the reactor, this raises suspicions about the safety of every reactor they run. They are using a number of antiquated reactors that have the same systematic problems, the same wear and tear on the piping.”

    3) Eyewitness testimony and TEPCO’S own data indicates that the damage [done to the plant by the quake] was significant. All of this despite the fact that shaking experience d at the plant during the quake was within it’s approved design specifications.

    4) What the emails shows is a weak government , captured by a powerful industry colluding to at least misinform and very probably lie to the public and the media.
    To argue that the radiation was being released deliberately and was “all part of the safety systems to control and manage a situation” is Orwellian.

    1. Diablo Canyon near Avila Beach, Ca was built near an earthquake fault pointed out by two NOAA C&GS Chief of Party surveyors, before there were satellites. Believe they were discovered in the 1930’s, but were they ignored by Pacific Gas & Electric, builders of
      Diablo Canyon?

  6. Hydrovolcanic explosion? I wonder if that would be like a geyser or something bigger. I wish he would explain in more detail in a way that ordinary people could understand.

    1. How about ″the whole nuclear plant is sitting on a huge potential steam bomb″ ? The pressure of previous hydrogen explosions above ground was enough to blow away 1 meter thick concrete walls and strip bare the nuclear plant. With tens to hundreds times more pressure packed down deep underground where next explosions may occur, it would probably blow the whole real estate up in the sky and leave a hole that will quickly fill up with sea water – a new Fukushima bay. There would probably be a localized tsunami so people who live close-by will get hit again. Remaining nuclear fuel will be washed at sea and the North-West Pacific Ocean will die. We only need one or two such events to join the list of extinct species.

      1. If this doesn’t make everyone in the world say screw nuclear power and make them all close the nuclear plants, then nothing will becuase you know there will be another meltdown and we might have 10 billion gallons of nuclear waste to get rid of.

    2. A simple way of explaining a hydrovolcanic explosion is if the melted core, (aka corium) which can easily reach 1200 Celsius, reaches the water table (H2O boils @100 C) the water table will turn to steam which takes up 1700x the space of liquid water. As the pressure in this earth contained pressure cooker increases it is only a matter of time before something gives. It could just be a massive geiser or something many many times worse….such as the afore mentioned hydrovolcanic explosion, which is actually two explosions. The first being the steam explosion and the secondary explosion coming from the disassociation of water (H2O) into Hydrogen and Oxygen. 3 drops of disassociated water (H2 + O2) can produce over 29000 pounds of pressure. Mind you, if this happens in the water table, the explosion would astronomical. God help the Japanese people…God help us all.

      1. Those of us that have been informed for the past 35 years have been saying that humans are not intelligent enough for nuclear power. All nuclear reactors, bombs, depleted uranium, etc. must be baned world wide, and soon. Or we are doomed. My best judgement is that it is aready too late for life as we know it on earth. But we must try ! Go to your elected representatives offices immediaely, in person, and demand action.

        1. greetings. trying to get any government representatives to do anything against the wishes of their owners would be a totally wasted effort. better to spend the time making peace with ones God or Gods. Nuclear power interests own all the politicians around the world. they will do nothing against their own interest. that is not profitable for them.

        2. Sorry, I forgot to quote the above 7/06/2011’s rad stats. Actual posts for Wednesday were taken directly from the EnviroReporter Live Monitoring station’s Rad Report of 7/06/2011.

      2. View The Road written by Cormac McCarthy and made into a movie. Is this a
        picture of our end, regardless of how it happens [missiles or nuclear power plants]?

      3. It’s much worse, because the explosion would take place directly under six nuclear reactors. There would probably be other prompt criticalities. Much of what is in the cooling pools would also go into the atmosphere. It would be as if the plant complex was hit by a nuclear bomb. I think it is safe to say that much contamination would shorten the average lifespan, perhaps to below the age of reproduction.

        I cannot understand why the international community is not responding. The Japanese government is not competent to handle this problem. The problem should be taken from them by some kind of international commission. I would say the Russians are most qualified to deal with this.

        1. Greetings. of course the Russians would be the most qualified to do something. but America would never allow them to try. it would hurt the American propaganda effort on how safe nuclear power is. so Japan either comes up with the engineers to solve the problem or there is no chance of a solution other then possibly China?

  7. I’m so sorry for the Japanese, and sorry for all those affected by this atrocity. If you’re on Honshu or Hokkaido and reading this, take steps now to get out of harm’s way. It’s only going to get worse. Whether the government is lying or not telling everyone the full extent of this catastrophe doesn’t matter. You must take responsibility for yourself and your family and get out now. Go south to Kyushu or Okinawa. Especially if you have children. Get out now.

    1. I agree,
      … There is a time to consider,
      … A time to ask questions,
      … And a time to act in your own best interest!

      Now is the time to act!

    2. You’re right, although Western Honshu is still OK for a while. However in Okinawa I could personally check that the food in supermarkets is the same as in Tokyo – poison. There are no fancy imported food stores that I know of, maybe in Naha, but who wanna live there?Besides if one moves, there are no job there so no money for pricey imports… Sometimes you’re better off in the city, with access to some special supermarkets that are starting at last to propose food from South-West Japan, Australia, etc. to educated consumers that lack in outback Okinawa.

    1. Great Post!
      The truth is that TEPCO is playing a delay, and wait and see game that the Japanese People cannot afford! In the very least a steam event or a massive hydrovolcanic explosion will make the entire complex a N☢ GO Zone, then what happens to all the spent fuel rods that are left in ALL 6 reactors?

      If I was in charge, I would:

      1. Moving every remaining fuel rod (spent or otherwise) to off site locations far away from Fukushima ASAP.

      2. Start drilling core hole uphill from the holed reactors in an effort to reach the groundwater and then pump it out before it reaches the corium(s).

      3. Immediately fill-in the breakwater and start construction on a “coffer dam” that would then allow them to pump seawater away from the holed reactors and prevent seawater from contacting the corium(s).

      4. Open the site to International experts to make better additional assessments!

      Waiting will only save TEPCO money not save Japan!

  8. Nuclear reactors are there to reduce the world’s population.

    Look up the Georgia Guidestones.

    The control freaks want only 500 million left.

    I’m not sure they will even have 1 million left after the rest of the nukes go off around the world.

    1. Actually the Georgia Guidestones called for relatively humane methods, like China’s one child per couple policy (which hasn’t worked too well).

      But you are right about the effect of destroyed, molten-down nuclear reactors on the popluation. Divine Providence, the goddess of random chance, will be adding homo sapiens to the list of extinct species!

    2. Having seen the Georgia Guidestones personally, I can state that they put forth very reasonable points to consider for humanity’s future existence. Planned extermination is the method of the wealthy and powerful through permanent wars. Providing birth control education and providing the items necessary for its use will result in a gradual reduction of population down to a sustainable level-the intent of that Guidestone proposal.

    3. What bamcee of the spent-fuel pool and it’s contents during the “explosion event?” In a Mark I BWR-3 setup isn’t the SFP not part of the reactor containment pressure boundary structure? Were the contents of the SFP lost in the subsequent hydrogen explosion? Was this facility retrofitted with catalytic hydrogen recombiners, and if so, what happened to the recombiners? Were they passive or active? Were they overwhelmed with the higher than designed levels of hydrogen, or was the station blackout scenario the cause of their demise? All fodder for the lessons learned that will take place after such a catastrophic event!

  9. I can wait to see a volcanic eruption from this! How exciting it will be to see a man made volcano!

    To think how far man has come…being able to trigger volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis….God must be SO proud!

    The morons have truly inherited the Earth!

        1. greetings. but sadly so often right on the mark. if you check history you will find that many times they are the only ones who figured out what was happening.


  11. The kind of explosion they could be talking about would blow up 1/3 of the island. This would completely destroy the island. They don’t want to evacuate Tokyo. This could destroy the island and would you then say nuclear power is worth this? If everyone just shut off their plasma tv and computers and grow hemp we could do Away with nuclear power.

    Why do we need something that wasn’t created until 1948? I just don’t think we need nuclear plants. But we need another meltdown, now not in twn years when people forget.

  12. Remember also that this “steam” release or “massive hydrovolcanic explosion” will N☢T be a regular explosion but a “Very DIRTY” explosion; I suggest that everyone add the words: RADIOACTIVE POLLUTION FILLED” to their descriptions of the potential explosion/release just to make it clear what we are going to be dealing with!

    If it occurs, it will be not be a single event but rather be ongoing for a very long times as the corium(s) will continue to produce additional heat for a very long time.

    – -> Think a Nuclear Corium powered “Old Faithful” of epic proportions…

    1. You are so RIGHT ! Many people do not realize the potential danger lingering : radioactivity all over the world for a very long time to come, totally out of control !
      Much suffering is predicted in the messages I receive, the consequences described : in one word : the world will not be the same anymore. Humanity has been warned, but hardly anybody is believing it, because what is awaiting us, is too big to believe !
      Blessings to all !

  13. I would say that any nuclear power plants hat are on vault lines should be shut down immediately. Because there are more earthquakes coming.

  14. I believe this one event will (eventually in our time) pretty much kill, or mutate, everything and everyone on the planet. Thank you nuclear science for opening the Pandora’s box this has all become. There are no “fixes” for this planet-wide radiation dispersing disaster.

  15. I think the rest of the World should unite and prepare to get the people out of there a.s.a.p Leave the engineers,techies,Tepco board& Politicians to do what they can to stem the flow but move all innocent people while they can

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  16. If magma comes into contact with water you get a ydrovolca­nic explosion…

    But if Corium comes into contact with water, then you would get an eruption or explosion caused by the heat of one or more radioactiv­e corium(s); which has never been defined!

    So here goes: A hydro-cori­um explosion occurs when corium makes contact with ground water, surface water and or ocean water. The extreme temperatur­e of the corium causes near-insta­ntaneous evaporatio­n to steam, resulting in an explosion containing Radioactiv­e steam, water, ash, rock, and or volcanic bombs…

    FYI RE: Corium see–> http://en.­wikipedia.­org/wiki/C­orium_(nuclear_r­eactor)

  17. When driving your car, you are responsible for what you can cause or lead! If you kill someone, you jug & a criminal!

    Some machines will lead more complicated than a car, and kills ruthlessly and with impunity (with their nuclear réacturs)!

    All peoples must eject their governments policies outside, and do as Iceland!

    Then they all tried for ‘crimes against humanity’!! without missing a single one! Chairman of the Director of Central who agreed to work, he is complicit too!

    Chernobyl is more than 1 million deaths in 30 years just in the Kiev region, and contaminated land for at least three centuries. It hides the truth, it does not show sick children and shapeless, animals and plants transferred …

    Japan, which has more perlmis internantionale divert aid to Fukushima to finance the whaling will pay for the damage Collateral in the world! As for the damages of war!

    This would reflect the country who want to follow the path of the wicked of the Nuclear Mafia! and still do not know what to do with contaminated waste for 250 centuries before losing 50% of their nuisance …

  18. The three molten cores are beyond control-nothing can stop the inevitable results when the groundwater is contaminated ie;all of Japan’s water super toxic. Nuclear power generation is not viable in any sense;no-one has costed waste disposal in reality, the true cost of energy thus produced will be many hundreds of times greater than fossil fuel generation (the waste for hundreds of years will need to be guarded) even without accidents. The greatest problem as we now see, is that if things do go wrong no-one can get close enough to repair or clean up. When this eventually is realised by enough people the nuclear industry will collapse.

    BUT what happens when large scale evacuation is nessesary ? NOW for example.Who looks after the other nuclear plants? Tepco has already run out of skilled workers who have reached their maximum safe(ha ha) dose. When a few more of these plants go the way of Fukushima we will realise too late that man is not God even though some like to think so. I am so sorry that the people of Japan ( like the people of Chernoble) are being poisoned but we all will be walking this way eventually.

  19. In case no one has posted this already, check out this video :

    In this video, a Russian Scientist discussed recently ‘declassified’ details, including the possibility of a 3 to 5 MEGATON explosion taking place under Chernobyl due to superheated steam – Plans are also discussed, which were put in place to evacuate nearby cities, if such an explosion became imminent.

  20. I don’t feel sorry for the Japanese US sycophants. I hope this happens – and Japan has to stop to finance US wars.

    By the way – did the Japanese US sycophants forget Hiroshima/Nagasaki?

    If that explosion makes Japan uninhabitable so it be. It will also end the US military bases in Japan.

  21. That is not the only scenario there is to fear. Japan is a volcanic island with regular volcanic eruptions, much of which are caused by the constant leaching of ground water into the geothermal hot spots. This creates extreme pressure as the water turns to steam and sooner or latter it goes pop. If the ground water is full of radio active contamination, I think the implications are obvious. This is a global issue and I think it is time the rest of the world starts treating it like one.

  22. where is the Japanese and international law authorities on this–why are not the Tepco executives and the General Electric Companies exec not being held accountable for this? These genocidal maniacs did this on purpose-they clearly knew what could/would happen. How is it that the complicit authorities are STILL doing business as usual. WAKE UP WORLD BEFORE OUR WORLD IS GONE. Look far back into history to the Mahabarhta–these monsters have nuked the world to ultimate destruction of civilization before. Where are the helpful et’s to stop this and repair the damage—it is possible but we need help.

  23. The global elites want to reduce population to under 500 million. Radiation poisoning is one way to do this. This is even more sinister when you realize that there are ways to deactivate radioactive nuclei safely.

  24. Once the corium is reached during disassembly of the reactor, and found to be solid, cold and sitting on top of the concrete, are the various fearful posters above willing to accept and admit that they were wrong? Or is that impossible…

  25. I have a question: If the nuclear material did melt through the reactor and is going down into the earth, wouldn’t there be instruments that could pinpoint the location of this heat source? No one should have to guess whether this is happening or not. I imagine geologists must use instruments to determine locations of thermal activity, especially if the material has not melted that far down into the earth. Gathering this information should be another priority to decide on some plan of action.

  26. Jct: And we don’t want to let Iran build nuclear energy too! Har har har har. If they were smart, they’d give up on nuclear and stick to the oil under their sand and the sun above their deserts. Wouldn’t the yankee “Gotta stop Iran’s bomb” promoters end up empty handed. Too bad, I doubt Iran won’t wise up until their land is nuclear polluted too. What wonderful targets nuclear power plants would make.

  27. Will this volcanic explosion cause a tsunami in Washington dc? According to
    Scientific studies the explosion would cause
    A tsunami and radioactive fallout to hit
    Both new York and Washington by way of the
    Provastion strait. So say all the freedom
    Loving patriots in the north west and mid west
    Of amercica. Any catastrophe will destroy
    N.Y. And Washington but they who live in
    The mountains will be safe eating their
    Dried foods and protect ting it with their

  28. so sad we must all pray for the Japan and all people and wildlife. Have you ever heard of the Roy process a way to clean up nuclear waste? everyone should be demanding TEPCO clean it up and stop this, we do not need to fight each other but big destroying corporations! and please Japan stop killing sharks for fins and dolphins all life is precious everything is alive with the hand of God. Please write this evil corporation and flood them with demands as well as all gover. worldwide need to help! wheres fema?

  29. It is so sad because we have many answers out here, but basically been suppressed. I discovered the principles on how inventors have gotten cars to get 5 times the fuel mileage, by more than just vaporizing, but cracking the fuel into natural gas and methanol. there are hundreds of patents filed none on the market. see www. himacresearch. com www. byronwine. com www. rexresearch. com
    I have been told that there is technology to neutralize radiation but not getting out because big oil wants nuclear to be seen as dirty. There are many other ways of energy. Andrea Rossi has a one MW plant up and running but you did not hear about it in our controlled media. John Searl had one, The testatica has run since 1967 in Switzerland. With what I have learned, the way I see it is if we ended suppression of tech we could all work 20 hours a week 20 weeks a year holidays and live to be over 100, cancer and pain free and food for 10 times the population

    1. Any inventions that would shake up the empires of the powers-that-be are quickly bought for a song and then buried in their vaults, never to be seen again.

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  40. This disaster is THE closest thing to “Earth Extinction Protocol” humans have faced since the dinosaurs departed. It is truly in God’s hands, but CIVILIZED men MUST do ALL things possible to preserve what can yet be saved. Given the denial of the greed-above-all mentality of Earth’s leaders, we are left as observers of mother Earth’s ability to cleanse herself of man’s filth. The two avenues we may persue are, 1). Head for the most remote areas of Earth that may be likely to be survivable. The Hope Indian dwellings near the Grand Canyon come to mind. Maybe the mountains of Colorado. 2). Organize underground committees to STOP ALL nuclear activity on Earth, whatever the cost and sacrifice of Earth’s Patriots. ALL nuclear waste MUST be jettisoned into the Sun, Newt may pilot the craft. There have been AMA articles of new medical breakthroughs to increase survivability from the contamination. Naturally the elite will be the ones getting the bulk of the medical attention while those less important members of civilization are allowed to diminish as their contributions to the elite are insignificant.


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