Kyoto university students get enraged at fake scientist

Dr. Shimada Yoshinari from the National Institute of Radiological Sciences had a lecture at Kyoto University on 10/1/2011.

Shimada Yoshinari is famous for being a false scientist. He spreads lies on NHK, such as even if an infant is exposed to 30 mSv/h, it is not harmful at all.

Unlike Tokyo University, Kyoto University students were concerned about their reputation to let him use the name of their university.

They did not want their university to get involved in the murder.

They asked the university to cancel the lecture, but university ignored their petition.

Students tried to attend the lecture to give rational questions to the false scientist, but they were stopped from entering.

The video above shows what happened when they had a fight in front of the gate.

  1. Students,

    I infintely appreciate your petition. If you can, distribute flyers to enlarge your voices express your wishes of honesty.

    But do invite Leuren Moret for a lecture, even skype lecture. She has lot of knowledge and ask what can be done for health.

    You can also find on internet a full list of websites explaining how to detox daily from radioisotops and how to keep repairing harms of radiation in the body. Look and you will find all you need with large scale researches generally from Chernoyl. A lot of clues that leads you to heathy, affordable and widespread substances… good keys.

    So type radiation detox! And read and read and read again.

    You know nuclear is synonymous of power. I mean power on many different levels. It is somehow over-impressive, so we feel addicted and horrified in the same time. Break through all this, break through your own fears, dig further and you will find!

    My deep respect and best wishes

    1. In a nutshell: The students are critizing Prof. Shimada, because he claims that 100 mSv is not a problem at all at advisiory meetings with japanese government officials. For that reason Fukushima evacuees are forced to go back to Fukushima by the japanese government, even when they do not have a job there anymore. The students are asking Shimada on what scientific ground and with which right he is claiming that 100 mSv are save. The students are saying that he is telling lies and that he does not have any scientific proof for making such a claim. They are also saying that he is killing people with his unscientific remarks. If he still wants to claim that 100 mSv are save, he should do it as a private person and not use the name of the Kyoto University.
      I really enjoyed watching this, especially in Kansaiben!Great job for exposing Prof. Shimada as an hypocrite. 

  2. This is the first time I see Japanese people expressing that much anger and confronting directly. I’m so glad this is happening.

    What are they saying ?

  3. Ohh my Japanese is getting worse year by year! =)


  4. I applaud these students for confronting this guy. But remember this guy was not the “fake scientist”. They were blocked entry from seeing the guy’s lecture because their view opposes his. No opposing opinions can be allowed in of course. This is crazy and they should have demanded to be let in.

    What I wish they would ask (demand of) this guy or any “expert” who claims it to be safe in the Fukushima area is for them to move THEIR FAMILY there. If he thinks it is safe why doesn’t he move there? Why doesn’t Edano and others move their families their? Ah….I see.

    I have said it before but I will say it again. When the illnesses begin people will be coming to lynch these liars. They will be hung from lamp posts.

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