New TV ad of support by eating emphasizes eating “mushroom”




Following up this article.. [Support by eating] Idol group to fight harmful rumor “Just eat it for starters, and go to Fukushima” [URL]


The new TV AD was released on 6/7/2014. It will be broadcast in Kanto and Kansai district and Fukushima prefecture until 6/29/2014.


In the TV AD, the idol group TOKIO promotes tomato, meat, asparagus etc..

It emphasizes eating shiitake mushroom in the end.

Mushroom is known to concentrate Cesium-134/137 from Chernobyl accident. High density of Cs-134/137 has been measured from mushroom since 311 as well.

(cf, [Distributed ?] 16,740 Bq/Kg from PROCESSED shiitake mushroom [URL 2])


Related article.. Japan budgets 22 billion yen to increase food export / 14 times much as 2012 [URL 3]


The TV ad can be seen from this link ↓



You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

Le nouveau spot télé du soutien en mangeant fait la promo de la consommation des “champignons”


Article lié : [Soutien en mangeant] Le groupe contre la rumeur malveillante : “en manger en hors-d’œuvres et aller à Fukushima”

Le nouveau TV CM a été publié le 7 juin 2014. Il sera diffusé dans les régions de Kanto et Kansai et dans la préfecture de Fukushima jusqu’au 29 juin 2014.

Dans ce TV CM, le groupe TOKIO fait de la publicité pour les tomates, la viande, les asperges, etc…
Ils mettent en avant la consommation de champignons Shiitake vers la fin.
Les champignons sont connus depuis au moins l’accident de Tchernobyl pour énormément concentrer les césium-134/137. Des radioactivités très fortes en Cs-134/137 ont aussi été relevées dans les champignons depuis le 11-3.
(cf. [Distribué ?] 16 740 Bq/kg dans des champignons shiitake CONDITIONNÉS)

Article lié : Le Japon prévoit 22 milliards de yens pour doper les exportations alimentaires : 14 fois plus qu’en 2012

Le spot télé peut être regardé ici ↓

Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. This sounds like a chapter meeting of the Japan Hemlock Society.

    Mushrooms grown in radiation fallout exclusion zones are unsafe.

    Wild pigs which eat such mushrooms are similarly dangerous foods.

  2. There comes a point where it’s hard not to believe they are really trying to kill people.

    1. You’re right – common citizens usually have to go up against an absolutely HUGE power in the form of media companies oluding together with government bodies. It all makes you want to throw up your hands TBH.

      I’m also sad for TOKIO, I have a few of their songs since school, have always liked them. They could be paid to do this firmly placing them into shill territory, of course, but something makes me think that they were pressured financially (or otherwise) by Awesome Abe and the Isotope Brigade.

    2. Quote: “Taro Aso, the finance minister, said on Monday that the elderly should be allowed to “hurry up and die” to relieve pressure on the state to pay for their medical care.”

      . http ://

  3. Drink Deep the Purple KoolAid

    Killing and suicide without honor: Screw the Ancestors, Race and ALL Future Generations, for 10,000 Years times 10,000 Years.

    Join Team Nuke – Welcome to Hell.

    Become a Team Nuke Puke and join with the other demons.

    1. Please, everybody, be mindful in our exercise of our rights to free speech, as they could have real-world affects upon real living people. Respect what it would conceivably be like for yourself, if you yourself were Japanese, and an evacuee or local farmer.

      Quote of Pu239: “Fukushima hotline gets record calls

      http ://

      “A suicide-prevention hotline in Fukushima Prefecture received a record 18,194 calls in 2013, signaling that scars from the events of March 2011 still weigh heavily on residents’ minds.””

        1. Another baseless accusation. Where is your proof?
          Also, do you still dare go there, despite the possibility of crossing legality’s line?

          1. Calling that Bullshit Bluff

            Journalists in Japan face threats 3 years after Fukushima

            Committee to Protect Journalists, Blog | Japan By Joanna Chiu/CPJ Contributor http www (

            Commercial interests also influence reporting on nuclear issues. During the past four decades, nine of Japan’s top utility companies spent a combined 2.4 trillion yen (US$27.6 billion) to purchase media advertising to promote nuclear power, according to an investigation by the national bilingual newspaper Asahi Shimbun. Utility companies remain one of the top sources of advertising income for mainstream media, according to reports. In one case described by the Center for Public Integrity, electric companies forced an undisclosed television station to cut off an interview with nuclear skeptic Taro Kono by threatening to withdraw their advertising.

            US$27.6 billion Propaganda Budget to PAY TROLLS and LSM

            1. Yes, that is very offensive to treat journalists like that.
              We, the People depend on an independant media to properly inform us.

      1. Realistic Assessments:

        People who are: tortured, mistreated, ill, weak and in pain; have higher suicide rates than people who are respected, healthy, treated well and strong. The Post-Fukushima Japanese People more closely resemble the former list, than the latter list. These are objective conditions, which tend to rationalize higher suicide rates.

        The emotions of sane people; tend to track, and reflect, their objective conditions.

        The Japanese are constrained by ‘Law’, from discussing these matters. We are not, nor are the NGOs and sympathetic international governments and media. Perhaps the lying bastards in the Japanese government, media and TEPCO will be overwhelmed; by external Free Speaking of TRUTH.


        1. We may not be constrained in our Free Speech by law,
          yet we do have responsibilities for that Free Speech.

          I mention it because of what i have seen posted on FD a couple of years past. Some self-titled “IntelAgent” decided it was best to point out flaming chemical factories stating “that’s an npp”, etc.

          It is a call to all and noone in particular to get facts right.

  4. Kobe Beef

    I once enjoyed Kobe Beef as about the best steak on earth.

    Since Fukushima, I will not feed Kobe Beef to my dog.

    Unfit for Buzzards

    1. huh.

      There’s no fukushima contamination in Kobe. Kobe is west of Osaka in the Kansai.

      1. Crap

        Who would believe ANY Japanese food safety label? The Japanese Government has been lying about Fukushima Radioactive Fallout Contamination since March of 2011.

        It has been reported by a zillion sources about 10 zillion times.

        1. If, by sources, you mean fukushima-diary readers who, not owning detectors, use nosebleeds, ill popstars and animals as tests for contamination. You can probably add knucklebones, entrails, chickenscratchings, clouds and tea leaves to the list.

          1. We can rectify that lack of detection ourselves,
            if one has an ability to solder,
            can follow a simple schematic,
            and happen to own a laptop, desktop with an audio-input or microphone jack.
            (HD-audio capable systems are preferred).

            How do you know what my detection capabilities are?
            How do you know anybody else’s here for that matter?

          2. Japanese citizen-scientists gathered extensive radiation detection data and mapped much of Honshu Island contamination levels.

            The Japan Government radiation maps were repeatedly debunked, for the obvious lying bullshit that they were.

            NGO (Non Government Groups) confirmed the citizen-scientists accuracy.

            TEPCO and Japan lied like dogs, continuously; and they continue to do so.

  5. TV ad reinforces governance treating people like mushrooms.

    That is, they are kept in the dark, and fed a bunch of shit.

  6. Not a national thing or an ethnic slam. Simply facts.

    Oh, and Barack Hussein Obama is a weak, honorless, LYING son of a bitch.

    He should be brought to HARSH justice, for his many criminal acts. Which harsh justice should include execution.


    Bill Duff

  7. The Japan Government, TEPCO, WHO, IAEA and Barack Hussein Obama made deliberate decisions to MAXIMIZE the Public Health damages of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster.

    Warnings were suppressed. Shelter-in-place instructions were withheld. Evacuation instructions were not given. Personal decontamination was not conducted. Anti-Radiation Medications were denied to almost all.

    And those FACTS belong in the withering glare of the Japanese and world Public. Don’t come whining to me, with bloody hands.


    Bill Duff

  8. ” Mr. Roboto: [holds out a mushroom to Austin] {Please eat some shit.}
    Austin: “Please eat” what?!
    Foxxy: Wait. [removes the white cups revealing rest of subtitle] He said: “Please eat some shitake mushrooms”.”

    http ://

      1. Niall, do you have Matsutake that grow within a hundred kilometers radius of you?

        https ://

        Quote: “In 1999, N. Bergius and E. Danell reported that Swedish (Tricholoma nauseosum) and Japanese matsutake (T. matsutake) are the same species.[5] The report led to increased import of matsutake from Northern Europe to Japan because of the comparable flavor and taste.”

        1. Quote: “The annual harvest of matsutake in Japan is now less than 1,000 tons, and the Japanese mushroom supply is largely made up by imports from China, Korea, the North American Pacific Northwest (Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia), and Northern Europe (Sweden and Finland).[6] The price for matsutake in the Japanese market is highly dependent on quality, availability, and origin. The Japanese matsutake at the beginning of the season, which is the highest grade, can go up to $2,000 per kilogram. In contrast, the average value for imported matsutake is about $90 per kilogram.[7]”

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