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Highest density of Tritium measured from seawater of all of the crippled reactors even outside of underground wall

    On 6/27/2014, Tepco announced they measured the highest density of Tritium from Fukushima plant port. The sample seawater was taken in water intake of Reactor1, 2, and 3&4,

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[Photo] Personal geiger counter indicates radiation level 1.8 times higher than public monitoring post

A Minamisoma citizen talked a public monitoring post shows the radiation level lower than a personal geiger counter. He posted the picture below. It was taken in the afternoon of

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[Photo] A heap of removed soil for decontamination in Minamisoma

A Japanese citizen in Minamisoma posted on Twitter a picture of the heap of soil that was removed for decontamination.   13:05 6/25/2014 “・・・ This is the temporary storage area.

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Bleeding hand decontamination volunteer “Had pharyngeal cancer and now have bone ache”

Following up this article.. [Photo] Fukushima decontamination volunteer “Blood suddenly splashes out of skin quite often. This is the reality.” [URL]   He commented on Twitter that he experienced pharyngeal