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[Video] “Happy Fukushima campaign” wiping out harmful rumor / Model on Tohoku power company’s HP is in

↑ The freelancer model, Ueki (0:27 ~) ↑ She is featured on the website of Tohoku power company   Following up this article.. [Support by eating] Fukushima gov to pay

Effects to be confirmed

Cesium-134/137 measured from 37% of infants’ excrement in Kanto ~ Tohoku district in 2011

From the research of a citizen’s radiation monitoring station, Cesium-134/137 were detected from used diapers of 37 of 100 infants. Those infants are from 7 prefectures of North ~ Kanto


Elementary schooler calls excreting “dropping atomic bomb” / “Because our body already took radioactive material in”

A Japanese citizen commented on Twitter that an elementary school student in Koriyama city mentions the radioactive material that has already been taken in in the daily life.   10:29

Confirmed effects

Most of the thyroid cancers of Fukushima children already transferred to lymph node

Following up this article.. Japanese professor “Thyroid cancer rate of Fukushima children is already up to 40 times much as normal” [URL]   In the thyroid disorder reviewing committee of