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Effects to be confirmed

Fukushima elementary school infirmary reported in summer of 2011 “Unusual number of children had nosebleed”

  A Fukushima citizen posted on twitter that an elementary school infirmary reported that unusual number of children had nosebleed in 2011.   The citizen was a mother of 8

Support by eating

[Support by eating] Fukushima gov to pay 72 million yen to the youth to fight “harmful rumor”

↑ The final review presentation of anti-harmful rumor projects   Fukushima prefectural government announced they are going to pay 8 million yen for each project to fight “harmful rumor”.  

Effects to be confirmed Malformation

11 of 26 pork pigs from Minamisoma died after evacuation / Expert “Possibly exposed from breathing”

About half of the evacuated pork pigs died.   Assistant pro. Li from Tokyo University reported on 2/16/2014.   The pork pigs were raised in 20km area in Minamisoma for