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Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

Tepco decided to continue using the bypass well that exceeding level of Tritium was measured from

Following up this article.. Tritium density exceeded the safety limit at one of the bypass wells one day after they discharged 1,600 t to the sea [URL]   On 6/12/2014,


Japanese maker developed battery to be charged by “water”, already sold on Amazon / One package for 415 yen

      A Japanese maker, Aqua Power System Japan developed a batter to be charged by “water”. The “water” can be beer, coffee, soda, even urine. It works only

Confirmed effects Effects to be confirmed

23% of Ibaraki children in Takahagi city to be “A2” in thyroid test in the next prefecture of Fukushima

22.8% of children were diagnosed to be “A2” in Takahagi city Ibaraki.   The testees were the city children who were 2 ~ 18 years old in 2013. The test

Confirmed effects

4 children diagnosed thyroid abnormality only with visual inspection and palpation without ultrasound in Abiko city

Doctors found thyroid abnormality among children only by visual inspection and palpation in Chiba.   Last September, Abiko city in Chiba announced they implemented thyroid test in elementary school and