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Effects to be confirmed

Japanese female idol “Left ear suddenly started bleeding, terribly hurts”

  A Japanese female idol “Yamamoto Sayaka” from NMB48 commented on Twitter that she had her left ear bleed all of a sudden.   16:10 6/5/2014 (JST) “Left ear bled


Fukushima journalist “Oshidori” found several wiretaps around them

The independent Fukushima journalist duo “Oshidori” found they were wiretapped. (cf, Independent Fukushima watcher Oshidori “Root of a tooth is frequently broken” [URL])   22:08 6/5/2014 (JST) “I wonder if

Malformation Sea contamination

Malformed “purple” swimming crab mass generated in the west coast of Japan

↑ Normal swimming crab (Olive color)   ↑ Mass generated purple swimming crab     Unusually colored swimming crabs are mass generated in the west coast of Japan. It’s the

Malformation Sea contamination

5 albino sea cucumbers found in Kagawa / Albino sea cucumber is born for only 1/100,000 possibility

  From last December to February, 5 albino sea cucumbers were fished in Sanuki city Kagawa prefecture. Albino sea cucumber is supposed to be born only 1 in 100,000. Those