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Contaminated water crisis

Preceding frozen water wall hasn’t worked since April

Related to this article.. Fukushima worker “Frozen wall was originally designed to stand with clay wall but they removed to cut the cost.” [URL]   A preceding part of the

Confirmed effects Effects to be confirmed

Japanese footballer Honda found with “alopecia areata” in 2014 FIFA World Cup game

          Following up this article..   Honda Keisuke (27), a Japanese footballer to play for Serie A club Milan has an operation scar on his neck.

Effects to be confirmed

Pediatrician “Increasing nosebleed in nursery schools reported in academic meeting. Some Doctors ”eye signaled””

A Japanese citizen commented on Twitter that the increasing nosebleed among nursery schools in Tokyo was reported in academic meeting. Also, some of the member doctors have already evacuated themselves

Natural disasters

M5.3 hit south offshore Chiba

Following up this article.. 2 quakes over M5.5 occurred twice around Fukushima offshore [URL]   Another major earthquake hit the Pacific side of Japan again. At 2:42 of 6/17/2014 (JST),