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Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

Tritium density reached the highest in one of the bypass wells again / Already double as one month ago

Following up this article.. Highest level of Tritium measured from a bypass well [URL]   From Tepco’s report on 6/25/2014, the Tritium density from the issued bypass well became the

Food contamination

[Photo] A line up of “Glico”‘s ice cream made in Minamisoma Fukushima

The ice cream brand “Kuru kuru soft” of EZAKI GLICO CO.,LTD is made in Minamisoma city Fukushima. It’s the line-up from this February.   The package of the ice cream

Contaminated water crisis

Tepco finally admitted the “possibility” that contaminated water penetrated to the deep layer of the ground

Tepco finally admitted the possibility that contaminated water penetrated to the deep layer of the ground. Tepco announced in the extraordinary press conference of 6/24/2014. Fukushima Diary has been pointing

Domestic and global Environment

67,886 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 measured from elementary school soil in Fujisawa city / 300 km from Fukushima plant

High level of radioactive material is measured from soil in an elementary school of Kanagawa prefecture. It’s Konan elementary school in Fujisawa city Kanagawa. The distance from Fukushima nuclear plant