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Ministry of the Environment and local govs consider to give up current desired radiation level after decontamination

    Ministry of the Environment and the local governments are considering to give up the current desired radiation level after decontamination because it’s overly difficult to achieve. The current

Contaminated water crisis

2 tanks leaked 4.0m3 of contaminated water for 2 months without noticed / 250,000,000 Bq of “radioactive material”

  ↑ The ground where the contaminated water has been absorbed for 2 months.   Following up this article.. 2 Contaminated water tanks overflowed / 9,800,000 Bq/m3 of All β


Tepco’s decontamination robot for reactor2 works with “a wiping mop” and “a vacuum cleaner”

      The newly introduced robot to decontaminate reactor2 works with a paper napkin-looking mop and a vacuum cleaner, from Tepco’s press release.   Tepco is trying to reduce

Effects to be confirmed

Doctor “Some junior high school students in Koriyama burn the nostrils by laser to stop intense nosebleed”

Some of the junior high school students burn the inner part of the nostrils by laser in Koriyama city Fukushima prefecture, a doctor stated. The doctor offers health consultation in