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Confirmed effects Effects to be confirmed

Japanese citizen “School checkup said “No remark”, but a general hospital found goiter with my son in Tokyo”

A Japanese citizen posted on Twitter that there is a possibility that school in Tokyo conceals the thyroid abnormality of students.   0:07 6/22/2014 “It was pointed out that my

Export from Japan

Chef of FIFA World Cup Japanese team also owns a restaurant in J-village / Exporting 100s Kg of JP seafood to serve

  The Chef, who belongs exclusively to the Japanese national soccer team of FIFA World Cup is also the owner of the restaurant “Alpine Rose” in J-Village.   “Alpine Rose”

Effects to be confirmed

[Photo] Japanese evacuee “Had nettle rash everyday in Tokyo. Had to take antiallergic agent every time.”

A Japanese citizen posted on Twitter that she was having a health problem before moving. Another person commented on the post that she also has a similar problem.   21:53

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

Bypass water discharge to the Pacific turned out “meaningless” / Tepco to continue for a few more months

Bypass water discharge has not decreased groundwater flowing to the plant buildings at least by now.   It has been a month since Tepco started pumping up contaminated groundwater to