Students of a Tokyo elementary school enjoyed rice planting directly in mud to consume by themselves



An elementary school in Mizuho town Tokyo had a rice planting class on 6/13/2014.

It’s a curriculum to “learn about our food”. 60 students of 10 ~ 12 years old enjoyed rice planting directly in mud.

They plan to harvest it this Autumn to consume by themselves.





You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

Des élèves d’une école primaire de Tokyo ont planté du riz directement dans la boue, pour le manger eux-mêmes


Le 13 juin 2014, une école primaire de la commune de Mizuho dans Tokyo a fait ne classe de plantation de riz.
C’est dans le cadre d’un enseignement pour “apprendre sur la nourriture”. 60 élèves de 10 à 12 ans ont pu apprécier de planter du riz directement dans la boue.
Ils prévoient de le récolter à l’automne prochain pour le manger eux-mêmes.

Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. Well, since this is supposed to be an educational experience they should also take their harvested rice down to the gamma spectrometer and see how much Cs-137 and Cs-134 is in it. And then calculate how much of an internal dose it would give them to eat it and compare that to what they already get from the K-40 in their bodies.

    That would be quite educational.

    1. It’s more profitable to fear the radioactive boogyman. If the radiation levels were known, Iori wouldn’t get his donations. Education is the last thing team antinuke wants. Or has.

      1. LOL Why don’t you nuclear apologists put you money where your mouth is, let independent experts come over to the region, test the soil and water where those kids were working, AND THEN tell us we’re wrong for worrying. It’s easy to sit on your high-horse and proclaim that we don’t really want anyone to know the real data on radiation levels in Fukushima agricultural areas, knowing full well that in order to get any real independent testing done, we have to go through an absolute wall of beauracratic barriers; even if anyone that is worried somehow manages to get in there, and test everything thoroughly, they will likely be faced with resistance by everyone under the sun, from nuclear power lobbyists to ‘experts’ to common folk such yourself who have a natural inclination to shit in people’s ponds. I find it laughable that you think anyone can just go to Japan and obtain thorough data on radioactive data amidst a media blackout and what could amount to martial law. The J-gov is now encouraging people to download harmless little apps that will spy on their internet habits and filter out that nasty little virus/spamware that we sensible people like to call ‘truth. No, the internet is dying, no one really cares, and it will now take a lot more than pissing and moaning on the net to save a nation’s people, their kids, the Pacific, and its animals.

        Next time you decide to contradict someone as part of your weekly intellectual jerk-off session, think about what you’re really saying: that’s it’s basically okay for the government to release their very own patented internet software to protect us, because, y’know, we’re all retarded like that, and they’re just thinking of the chillens and trying to protect all of us from ourselves.

      2. Also, obvious troll is obvious.I’d ignore you, but it’s actually fun calling you out on your BS – what are you, one of those over-50-year-old men that just recently got into message boards. Regular people don’t strive to pathologically contradict people on the internet because they want to for everyone’s benefit; such behaiour is so, so obviously shill-like. Or autistic. There’s always autisim.

    2. Potassium 40 isn’t carcinogenic.

      Potassium’s decay products are inert Argon and Calcium.

      Quote: “Some studies that observe large groups of people have found that in a number of countries where there are high-potassium diets, cancer rates are lower. In areas where there are low-potassium diets, these studies showed the cancer rates are higher.”

      . http ://

      Cesium disrupts potassium metabolism due to it’s electrochemical makeup.

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