[Evidence] Yellow cloud coming toward Yokohama on 3/16/2011

(3/16/2011, in Shin yokohama)

At 13:00 of 3/16/2011, unidentified yellow cloud was observed coming from north to Yokohama.
To prove it wasn’t the seasonal phenomenon, Yokohama meteorological observatory received about 20 inquiries about the yellow cloud from the residents. They commented when the wind became strong, something foggy came from North. The ingredient was not analyzed so it is not known what it was.*1

According to Yokohama city government, the radiation level had a huge increase on 3/16/2011. (nGy/h) However, the radiation level from 11:00 to 13:00 is covered for some reason. *2
[Evidence] Yellow cloud coming toward Yokohama on 3/16/2011

On 3/22/2011, unidentified yellow power was found after rain around in Tokyo. (cf, 2.16 μSv/h from yellow powder [Link])
The Meteorological Agency stated it was pollen, but it had never been seen before even in Spring.

3/16/2011 was the day of full of accidents in Fukushima plant, which are not widely reported.

1:35 : The D/W pressure jumped up in reactor2.
5:45 : Reactor4 had fire on the North-West side of the 4th floor. However, details have never been reported.
8:40 : Huge amount of white smoke was spouting out from reactor3
9:40 ~ 9:50 : The monitoring post of Fukushima Daini indicated the radiation level jumped up from 20 μSv/h to 87.7 μSv/h
10:40 : 10,000μSv/h of radiation was monitored at the entrance of Fukushima Daiichi plant. However, NISA reported it may be from reactor2 for some reason.
12:25 : The D/W pressure jumped up in reactor2 again.
(cf, Tepco may be hiding unknown explosion occurred on 3/16/2011 [Link1])
(cf, [Concealed explosion at reactor2?] D/W pressure jumped up twice on 3/16/2011 [Link2])

*1 http://news.kanaloco.jp/localnews/article/1103160014/
*2 http://cgi.city.yokohama.lg.jp/kankyou/saigai/data/kako_data.html



Français :

[Preuve] Le 16 mars 2011, un nuage jaune est venu sur Yokohama

(16 mars 2011, à Shin yokohama)

Le 16 mars 2011 à 13:00, un nuage jaune non identifié a été observé venant par le nord sur Yokohama.
Pour prouver qu’il ne s’agissait pas d’un phénomène saisonnier, l’observatoire météorologique de Yokohama a reçu sur ce nuage environ 20 questions d’habitants. Ils ont expliqué que lorsque le vent s’est renforcé, quelque chose de brumeux est venu par le nord. Sa composition n’ayant pas été analysée, ils ne savent pas ce que c’était.*1

Selon la municipalité de Yokohama, le niveau de radioactivité a fait un bond ce 16 mars 2011. (nGy/h), toutefois, les niveaux de radioactivité d’entre 11:00 et 13:00 sont masqués  : *2
[Evidence] Yellow cloud coming toward Yokohama on 3/16/2011

Le 22 mars 2011, une poudre jaune non identifiée avait été remarquée après des pluies dans Tokyo. (cf. 2,16 μSv/h dans la poudre jaune [Lien])
L’agence météorologique a affirmé que c’était des pollens mais ça n’avait encore jamais été vu avant le printemps dernier.

Le 16 mars 2011 était le grand jour des accidents à la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima, ce qui n’est pas largement rapporté.

01:35 : Réacteur 2 : La pression des enceintes sèche et humide (D/W) fait un pic.
05:45 : Réacteur 4 : Il prend feu au nord-ouest de son 4e étage. Les détails n’en ont jamais été divulgués.
08:40 : Réacteur 3 : Une énorme fumée blanche en sort.
09:40 ~ 09:50 : Fukushima Daini : La borne de surveillance indique que la radioactivité passe de 20 μSv/h à 87,7 μSv/h
10:40 : Fukushima Daiichi : 10 000 μSv/h de radioactivité relevés à l’entrée de la centrale. La NISA rapporte que ça vient du réacteur 2 sans l’expliquer.
12:25 : Réacteur 2 : La pression des enceintes sèche et humide (D/W) refait un pic.
(cf. Tepco cache peut-être qu’une autre explosion s’est produite le 16 mars 2011 [Lien1])
(cf. [Explosion censurée du réacteur 2 ?] la pression de l’enceinte sèche a sauté deux fois le 16 mars 2011 [Lien2])

*1 http://news.kanaloco.jp/localnews/article/1103160014/
*2 http://cgi.city.yokohama.lg.jp/kankyou/saigai/data/kako_data.html

  1. Yes, I also witnessed the cloud, and I remember I felt very scary. My family and my neighbors shared the same feeling.The cloud was like a wall and it took hours to go. Later I think it was a plume.I appreciate the reader to contribute the video to this diary and also thank Mr. Mochizuki to open this site.

  2. Just scary. I hope a scientist looks at this cloud with the hindsight of the explosions on 3/16..and someone finds out what the missing data is. I just did a quick check on MY exposures in 1951-1971..just in Washington State as a downwinder..3.2 RADS!!! I can not even begin to think about the citizens of Japan..and other Fukushima downwinders. Tragic to see the clouds knowing they have the potential to destroy millions of lives. People can suffer a very slow and painful disease..for years and not be able to say why…

    1. Since 3.11 of 2011 I have known what would come. Yet it seems most of Japanese lead usual life or do not think of about it due to government’s and mass media blackout? I feel desparate and angry. I have participated in anti-nuke demonstrations and have collected signatures for the cause but it seems nothing has changed. I know we are living in crazy Japan.

  3. Dear Fukushima Diary & Readers,

    There is science team all around the world working for a permanent solution to our worlds energy problems.
    And a solution seems to be closer than people of the world have anticipated.

    I am deeply sorry about what you are going through.
    At the same time I think this can happen to all of us…

    I believe, with respect, (we all think different) that Information & Technology, IF USED CORRECTLY, can solve all our problems.

    My work is to spread peace and love all over the world and I hope that this video can give you some hope all though I perfectly understand that what has been done cant be made undone.

    I think this (FD)website is an important tool to spread information and awareness about one of many of the problems concerning fission. However, I though you could use also some good news….

    Today the news goes around the world in different forum of yet another granted patent for “Anomalous Excess Heat”. Its cheap, clean and and its coming our way!


    With Respect, Peace & Love / DrBob

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