[Column] Desperate to reach further readers

Because sitting down at the computer all day long is not good for my health, I try to take a walk at least for 1 hour everyday.

Here in the eastern Europe, it has a lot of snow and stray dogs.
One of them has bad eyes. He’s living beside the central bank building.
I felt bad for my donator, but I spent 0.65 Euro on a canned dog food and gave it to him tonight.
If you feel disappointed at how your donation was spent, please let me know your address. will send you a canned dog food.

I was worried because he hasn’t moved since 2 nights ago. Maybe I did something bad for the public hygiene but we are bad for the environmental hygiene ourselves.

I couldn’t post everything I needed to post today either. wish I had enough time and energy.
There are too many to do but there is too little resource.
I want it known by the whole world what is actually going on in Fukushima and Japan.

but it seems like our voice doesn’t reach further than now.
The current readers are already environmentally aware, but the rest of the human beings are full of themselves.
It’s really difficult to have them look back.

Probably I’m already full too. I could research and analyze more but couldn’t write more volume of articles. (Actually keeping it short is difficult.)

I know he’s full for what he has to do, but I’m thinking. He’s beside everyone.
God give me a fulcrum.




Français :

[Édito] Prêt à tout pour atteindre d’autres lecteurs

Parce que rester assis toute la journée devant un ordinateur n’est pas bon pour ma santé, j’essaye de sortir marcher pendant au moins une heure tous les jours.

Ici, dans l’Europe de l’Est, il y a un paquet de neige et des chiens errants.
L’un d’eux a des yeux dans un sale état. Il vit à côté du bâtiment de la banque centrale.
Je me sens mal pour mes donateurs mais j’ai dépensé 0,65 Euro dans une boîte d’aliments pour chien et je la lui ai donnée ce soir.
Si vous êtes déçu de la façon dont j’ai utilisé votre don, dites-le moi et je vous enverrai une boîte d’aliment pour chien.

J’étais inquiet parce qu’il n’avait pas bougé depuis 2 nuits. J’ai peut-être fait quelque chose de mauvais pour l’hygiène publique mais nous sommes nous-mêmes mauvais pour l’hygiène de l’environnement.

Je n’ai pas pu non plus publier tout ce que je voulais aujourd’hui. J’aimerai avoir le temps et l’énergie.
Il y a trop à faire et si peu de ressources.
Je veux que le monde sache ce qui se passe en réalité à Fukushima et au Japon.

mais on dirait que nos voix ne peuvent porter plus loin qu’à présent.
Les lecteurs actuels sont déjà attentifs à l’environnement mais les autres humains sont centrés sur eux-mêmes.
C’est vraiment difficile de leur faire tourner la tête.

Peut-être suis-je moi aussi trop centré sur moi-même. Je peux chercher et analyser encore plus mais je ne peux pas écrire plus d’articles. (De fait, en faire des courts est difficile.)

Je sais qu’il est débordé par ce qu’il a à faire mais je pense. Il est à côté de chacun.
Dieu m’a donné un point d’appui.

  1. Don’t lose hope! I share every one of your Facebook posts, to get it in front of more eyes. I also discuss some of your articles on an email list I belong to, thereby reaching even more people. If all your readers would do the same all over the world, your articles would reach MILLIONS.

    Mr Mochizuki, I think your work is very important! The media is ignoring the situation; if something isn’t done soon, this is going to harm the entire human race. I believe that public pressure might be the only thing that will get them moving on a solution.

  2. Iori , here is something to keep you busy and away from bad thouthts :

    As we know our Earth is protected from cosmic radiation by a magnetic shield . Except gamma radiation , all other including nucleotide types are deflected by a magnetic field :


    ” … These three forms of radiation can be distinguished by a magnetic field since

    •the positively-charged alpha particles curve in one direction,
    •the negatively-charged beta particles curve in the opposite direction,
    •and the electrically-neutral gamma radiation doesn’t curve at all. .. ” .

    Why not try it to chanell most of the radiation ? Where ? In a magnetic bottle if not channeled up into the ionosphere .

    At this point let`s recall CERN`s Large Hydron Collider and that is mainly a very strong huge long magnet …

    Your turn …

  3. I hear you being disheartened, but please don’t give up hope. The people who are now full of themselves will by necessity open their eyes soon enough. The consequences of Fuku have yet to be experienced as much as they will be in the years to come (based on Chernobyl data, we have much worse to anticipate), and when this occurs, people will be SO grateful for the information you continue to provide. Like the saying goes, “if you build it, they will come” … you are just ahead of things. But those who start later will not have the benefit of expertise and years of research that you already have, and so the benefit of your work will become increasingly important as things change, and people can no longer maintain their state of denial. Because I do think that denial is at work … too many people not willing to give up their sushi (and who can blame them?), who will keep their eyes shut until they can no longer do so. And thank you for feeding the stray dog … it just reveals that you have empathy … something more should exhibit. And if we cannot have empathy for and protect those who require our care, then how can we expect governments to have empathy or compassion for those who have been affected by their bad decisions.

  4. NICE!

    so far as i can hear you’re doing allright.

    the lonesome-feelings that coming up times after times are normal!

    you are a young man.
    you had left your family and your working position into your families-buisness and you had went out of your islanded mothercountry.
    (and you know that they are not safe! its still ongoing!)
    you are determines travelled around the globe three times in the last few years
    (some/most of the super-pop-stars are would be only able to send some tweets when they are on tour, and they had a 50-head crew with them…)
    and one more point that distinguishes you from the popstars is:
    you hadn’t every night a concert-hall full of peoples who would die for your t-shirt at this moment.

    your only friend in those frozen nights was a hungry dog.

    and you feeded him!!!!

    from your sparse donated money.

    And you are all the time in the lucky situation to get net-conntacted and to report all about it.

    OF COURSE you didn’t reported only these personal stuff.

    THE MOST of your online-time per day you will be use for investigations of some news and if when you found yet – checking of them, if they are be true enough for posting them.
    (conversational news need for that work also a crew full of heads, that only by the way).

    and how longer you are on your run- more better you are doing your job, now even daily!

    If you have something that is particularly makes, you feel like you are also particularly.

    And that is precisely the feeling has motivated myself to continue with my video reporting work.
    and not the clicks, or the people who have made them,.

    and then….
    suddenly I got a mail from Japan and since then helps me 454541919 because with his livechecker-channel.

    Because since May 2011 is here in Germany of the TBS stream locked.
    I was there live, Saturday night at 11:35 PM, went the stream from the network here.

    In the same second was my old youtube account deleted.

    My last upload was a TBS-video,
    a short time before youtube showed me a place in the top-tens in world wide ranking.

    What was then about 500,000 – 1,000,000 clicks within 24 hours had means.

    As it is to me youtube me a couple of hours later replied that neither my channel nor my e-mail address had existed ever, (my last act was to send them their 30.000 emails back that they had sended before on my e-mail-nope, e-mail still unknown..)
    I knew,
    boy, you’re something special, make more …

    and two handfull of months later (after some burnt cpus and screens too) it runs really cool (the time as 454541919 started with).

    As long as don’t you cold which is what you do here, you are correct.

    greetings from germany


  5. Spend the money any way you’d like. It’s yours.

    And keep writing.

    In time, Japanese will realize health problems and want to find the connection. fukushima-diary keeps a daily record that will be in internet archives forever.

    In time, Japanese children will grow up and ask why. fukushima-diary keeps a daily record that will be in internet archives forever.

    In time, another reactor will melt down somewhere and the people will want to know what to watch out for. fukushima-diary keeps a daily record that will be in internet archives forever.

    You are not writing only for today’s audience. You are writing a history that few other media people are even attempting. It will be an important historic document and archive that people can refer back to.

    FYI, it has also become an archive for some of my favorite examples of the death and damage caused by nuclear power. Do a google search of “Nuclear power did this” site:fukushima-diary.com and you’ll see what I mean.

    Keep up the good work, and feel free to spend the money I donate on anything you feel like buying, doing or donating.

  6. I’m glad you fed the dog. That is the good news, along with all the bad news.

    You could benefit from two things: A story ABOUT you in Slate or GQ or Rolling Stone or somewhere, perhaps an interview; A book, of all your narrative posts (along with some of the news posts for context) to be released at the same time as the story. Once people start reading you, they won’t stop.

    I wish you well.

  7. Thanks for your blog. It is just legit, as we like to say in Chicago, USA. You’re the real thing and a lot of people recognize that. And thanks for your compassion toward an abandoned dog…

    The way things are going with Fukushima, we’re all going to feel like we’ve been warehoused at a dog pound with a clock running out on our lives in one way or another…

    I tell you with this virulent flu epidemic hitting the States, it’s hard not to realize that something is weighing on many, many immune systems. How do you really get over a virus? Your immune system. I see people getting very ill who never get ill. And everyone who catches it this winter is staying ill for a month?…

    I hope it can be a wake-up call for some folks.

    And I don’t think it’s your lack of capacity to spread the word, it’s more a reflection of the individual’s ability to be receptive to the information.

    Strangely, the people who listened to me are staying well…while those who scoffed are getting deathly ill?…hmmm. There’s some strange dynamics in this strange scenario.

    1. p.s. Try to enjoy your travels. I was poorer than you as a student in Europe and you can still enjoy every moment and should!!…:)

  8. A lot of the time the efforts we make seem like thankless tasks. Sometimes I just have to be content to know that what I am doing is what I believe is needed and is right.
    I have and I am passing along your web site on forums and emails. It will take time as most people do not want to be bothered with what they do not want to see. So the information will have to filter through the masses and settle down to those that want to know.

  9. It is very difficult to pass on bad news to the great public who does not want to know in order to keep its mind cool. A proverb says : What I do not know, does not heat me up.
    That’s exactly the difficulty that all those who are trying to activate public consciousness are encountering ! Do not give up ! Go on publishing all this important information in order to change the present way of thinking which is AGAINST LIFE !
    Blessings to those who will listen.
    P.S. I’m experiencing the same difficulty as you, IORI !

  10. Don’t give up with your work. I know you may feel “broken” at times, but just don’t give up. You shouldn’t but you also cannot. If you can keep up with your effort until the end of 2013, you might find it easier to continue from 2014 onwards. Now, I cannot logically explain why I said that, but I believe that’s true. But more people worldwide will be aware.
    All the best to you, Iori. You are far from being alone 🙂

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