[Column] Let the people out to the clean land, let the nuclear industrial people come to work in Fukushima plant

I check the demographic statistics of MHLW every month.
Today I noticed all of the links were changed except for the latest one. Now they don’t come up on google result.

I smelled something suspicious and checked from corner to corner of their statistics.
I didn’t find anything false, but had the 2 impression.

1. For every cause of death, the number of death is increasing through 2000s.
2. The number of death had the peak in 2011, however, the abortion and artificial fetal death cases had a drop in 2011.

As I stated in the column, “Confusing medical industry and demographic statistics help JP gov conceal the radiation effect on health [Link]”, now it’s almost impossible to see the radiation effect on health.
I wondered if solely aging society can explain the 1 above.

After 311, cardiac insufficiency significantly increased in the disaster area, but the increasing rate of the death of cardiac insufficiency was the same as from 2009 to 2010. It looks like there’s a huge black hole in the statistics. (cf, Professor “cardiac insufficiency significantly increased after 311, it wasn’t seen after other great earthquakes” [Link])

Probably we are going to be swallowed by the black hole too. The government will never compensate.
This is why I have been telling to evacuate but I’m even criticized for that to say, “That is too rude for the people who can’t evacuate.” I don’t know if this criticism has a point, but I’m aware that it’s not easy for most of the people.
I don’t blame them to remain in the contaminated land. I just want to be able to give them my hand.
So far, I haven’t seen anyone to say, ok, I’ll take care all of your evacuation, money, job, visa, etc..
I want to be the first one to say that.
Some of the Japanese people say if they can count on something like little Japan. There are already, but not strong as little China.

As one of the goals of my activity, I want to have all the nuclear industrial people go to work in Fukushima by wearing the protective clothing for the rest of the lives. Nuclear is safe right ?
Sure it includes all the corrupted media people. If they are collected from all around in the world, Japanese people won’t need to be conscripted anymore.
At this moment, I can’t find a reason why IAEA staff are not working in Fukushima with the shovels.




Français :

[Édito] Qu’on sorte les gens sur des terres propres, qu’on fasse travailler les industriels du nucléaire dans la centrale de Fukushima

Je contrôle les statistiques démographiques du MHLW (ministère de la santé) tous les mois.
Aujourd’hui, je vois que tous les liens ont été changés sauf le dernier. A présent, ils ne sont plus remontés par Google.

J’ai senti quelque chose de suspect alors j’ai contrôlé leurs statistiques dans tous les coins.
Je n’ai rien trouvé de faux mais j’ai eu ces deux impressions :

1. Pour chaque cause de mort, le nombre de décès augmente sur toutes les années 2000.
2. Le nombre de morts a fait un pic en 2011, toutefois, les avortements et les morts fœtales accidentelles de 2011 ont diminué.

Comme je l’affirmais dans l’édito  “Les statistiques embrouillées sur l’industrie médicale et démographiques aident le gouv jap à censurer les effets de la radioactivité sur la santé” [Lien], il est à présent pratiquement impossible de voir l’effet de la radioactivité sur la santé.
Je me suis demandé si le vieillissement de la société peut expliquer le point 1 ci-dessus.

Après le 11-3, les insuffisances cardiaques ont significativement augmenté dans la région de la catastrophe mais l’augmentation de la fréquence des décès par insuffisances cardiaques est resté le même en 2009 et 2010. On dirait qu’il y a un gros trou noir dans les statistiques. (cf. Un Pr. de médecine : “Les insuffisances cardiaques ont significativement augmenté après le 11-3, ce qui n’avait pas été constaté après les autres grands séismes” [Lien])

Sans doute allons-nous être avalés par ce trou noir nous aussi. Le gouvernement n’indemnisera jamais.
C’est pour ça que j’ai parlé d’évacuer mais on me l’a reproché en disant que “c’est trop dur pour ceux qui ne peuvent pas évacuer”. Je ne sais pas si cette critique tient la route mais je sais que ce n’est pas facile pour la plupart des gens.
Je ne le leur reproche pas de rester en zone contaminée. Je veux seulement pouvoir leur tendre la main.
Pour l’instant, je n’en ai vu aucun dire “ok, je vais prendre soin de tout ce qui concerne votre évacuation, argent, travail, visa, etc.”
Je veux être le premier à le dire.
Certains japonais disent que s’ils pouvaient compter sur quelque chose comme le petit Japon. Ils le peuvent mais ce n’est pas aussi fort que la petite Chine.

Un de mes buts est que je veux que tous les industriels du nucléaire aillent travailler à Fukushima et portent des combinaisons de protection pour le reste de leur vie. Le nucléaire est sûr, n’est-ce pas ?
Sûr qu’il rassemble tous les corrompus des médias. Si on rassemblait ceux du monde entier, les japonais n’auraient plus besoin d’être enrôlés.
Là, je ne vois pas pourquoi les gens de l’AIEA ne vont pas travailler avec leur pelle à Fukushima.

  1. Wish I had won the lottery in March 2011… I so very much wanted to build Little Japan in various parts of the world….depending on who would be willing to host them…. to house about 40+Million Japanese people needing relocation! Alas, I am still a poor soul.

  2. dear sir,
    i have read your blog many times.
    it is a loooong blog.
    the headline “let the nuclear industrial people come to work in Fukushima plant”
    is so old.
    they will never come.
    the people who can tell have died. like some french prostitute girl.
    it’s old. we need to explain that being a woman for sell is NOT bad, because if we don’t, girls that do the slave work for rich old “fat” men will never find a way to finish off the male human being.
    i would like to applaud the courage of enduring the abuse of male humans implied in dual sexuality, but in the end, the DISCOVERY of nuclear-ism is bad.
    no we have it. in bad sense we will be .. males and humans and girls will be shredded in a teleporter just the same; we will bare a future child in fukushima on the beach in a tent in a car.
    this is stupid. we cannot protect the woman, because they are important to exist but at the same time we cannot or are not allowed to protect them. the girls don’t want this.
    human’s are a TWO people. male and female.
    what i am saying is that we believer that some people are special and that believe will destroy us.
    the believe is VERY strong!

  3. lori,, can you publish and translate this article??

    ^^ my gf gave me it,,, 66% of thyroid lumps,, in OSAKA!! so far from Fukushima,,, And Okinawa reported it too somewhere,,, terrible news, all of Japan is well,,, gone,, my gf and me and seeking and search for “radiation off” medicene now… this is deserpate,, she already had pneumonia twice among other things….

  4. Evacuate or stop eating contaminated food is the only option left for Japanese.
    Unfortunately, apart from one or two stories about which food is contaminated each week, parents will go on killing their children silently.

  5. How fast will the Japanese leave Japan when the cancer cases will represent 90 % of the population ?

    Will the Japanese go the way of the Mayans while Japan will became an international nuclear waste dump ?

    So there will be a Deal : a country that takes in and houses/employs a minimum one million Japanes will qualify to dump radioactive waste in Japan …

    But , the big question is : who orchestrated the building of nuclear reactors on/near known active fault lines and ocean shores prone to large tsunamis as proved by geological strata , and threfore sealing the fait of Japan ??

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