Mutated slug in Fukushima

Huge slug was found in Iidatemura Fukushima.


Mutated slug in Fukushima

<Translate> (A farmer in Iidatemura Fukushima)

Ripe sea cucumber ? No, it’s a slug. Is it that big because of radiation ? I don’t know, but it came out of firewoods, which contain about 10,000 Bq/Kg. Maybe it’s affecting it. feels like it’s an SF world.




  1. I spotted this article – – regarding a 57 pound puff ball mushroom in BC – where the record (radioactive?) rains lasted until July. Records for these mushrooms are usually in the 13 pound range. Thankfully, the guy did not eat it.

    This mushroom is surely a mutant, but whether related to Fukushima Daichi (or radiation at all) is the unanswered (and unasked) question. I have no Geiger counter (nor can I afford one), and I have no true idea of the fall-out here on the coast in British Columbia.

    I find myself comparing our situation on the west coast to that of people in Japan, and knowing that surely it is not nearly so bad here as there. I worry about my children without really knowing how much to worry. I can’t fathom the agony of those in Fukushima, Nagano, Tokyo, and all points between and beyond.

    1. watch the plant life, they have written code basically that they follow and genes and gene switches, watch for errors in code, ie, flowers should follow their code, be like one another, be symetrical not suffer long limbs or gigantism nor should a female or male plant become both female and male, >watch the “pines” the tips at the top “fresh growth anywhere for that matter” radiation damages many things, be sure to see if the new pine growth loses it’s direction of up or down and grows the wrong way “it’s very noticable” for instance the fresh growth at the top will grow downward instead of at a slight upward angle, it may also grow one way and then something gets damaged in the plant’s senses “ie gravity” and it does a u turn and looks really strange. These are sure signs of spent nuclear fuel in or on the plant. Let’s not beat around the bush, it’s spent nuclear fuel oxides./also nuclear fuel doesn’t rewrite code “dna” it deletes it and the plants just have to make do. You have been around a long time, you know what plants are “supposed” to look like, you should have no problem spotting them if they are out there, that goes for ev1 and me2.

  2. FUKUSIMA DIARY FR – Mutated slug in Fukushima
    Par Mochizuki, le 11 juillet 2012.

    Une grosse limace a été trouvée à Iidatemura, préfecture de Fukushima.

    — 飯舘村農民見習い伊藤延由さん (@nobuitou8869) 7月 11, 2012


    (Traduction) (Un fermier de Iidatemura, dans Fukushima)
    Un concombre de mer gras ? Non, c’est une limace. Est-elle aussi grosse à cause de la radioactivité ? Je ne sais pas mais elle est sortie d’un tas de bois de chauffage qui est à environ 10 000 Bq/Kg. Peut-être que ça l’affecte. J’ai l’impression de vivre dans un monde de SF (= Science Fiction). (Fin)

  3. Mutations show up externally..but also internally..some seen and some unseen. Guess a slug is a more simple organism, so the radical mutation seen is not a death cause. Wonder how many died, as opposed to how many survived mutations? Then think about other living organisms…

  4. I did find a slug this size camping in the mountains many years ago, but this pic is not the same spieces, I think.

  5. There are white hot corium flows and a massive orange glowing fission mass at 4 on tbs cam and nobody acknowledges it, WTF? are you all part of the us airforces CYBERCOMMAND???? It’s right there, but it isn’t unless you’re told by japan/tepcons? You can see it. koolaid drinkers.
    Sir Pukesalloverington.

    1. Dear Sir,

      How about sending over some of these sites? You have a point about people living in with paper bags over their heads and not knowing it. What are you doing or have you done to not be one of these people? Please share your intel with me?


      No more living under a paper bag

  6. If that’s the way it’s going to be, then I have to conclude there is a vast plague of mental necrosis affecting most of humanity, good luck getting out of a paper bag when you don’t even SEE or know you’re in one. This furthers my thought this will not go well and all fuel will complete it’s objective*.
    *To fission. This is a heads up. Nodules aren’t the end, they’re the beginning, next> leukemia< lot's of it, more than anything ever seen before, take note.

    1. Humanity’s insane “all specters/facets” and it’s being proven, SADLY 🙁

      1. Celsium-137 immediately damages the heart muscle Intel. It is not slow acting; do you consider the brain to be muscle? Perhaps, this is the reason the rest of us are unable to function at your capacity.

  7. Thyroid 1st since we iodines plural due to live fission taking place “yes there is!”, then spent nuclear fuel ingestion “the worst, worse than fresh mox even, if you can believe it” most everything that makes a geiger moderately upsest in japan is spent fuel oxides “like soot”, that will damage organs/all incl the most complex organ on this planet the human brain, our brain’s are so complex we seem to have a hard time maintaining what is called sanity “I have proof”.
    Sidenote- If a country with first world weaponry has a war with a country that has 1st world weaponry it = mutually assured destruction, essentially the wholesale annihilation of the participating nations civillian populations, that is the purpose behind the development of those weapons, that is their only mission of their existence. We have developed weapons so powerful they dwarf their masters and make their use “in an above scenario” fully informed, complicit, mutual suicide. That goes for all nuclear armed countries. It’s too much for us to handle because of the technology, the power, the destructiveness, our mortal limitations we leverage Disproportionate activities/responsibilities against and our human brains. to be clear we didn’t evolve biologically that is of any notable significance in the last 1000 years. We each start our lives the same way they did, with no knowledge. I can’s imagine what Kev and Mev particle emissions from nuclear material lodged in the brain would do, but I know for a fact no good would come of it.
    To michelle, I have proof that I’m “grossly normal” so my capacity is moot in relation to others, I just have an afront to what a statistical generalization would define as “normal” so …
    Normal is dangerous, limiting, PREDICTABLE, it is also oppressive, and very cold/callous, reliant on many things including the status quo it is also not inspiring, nor something to aspire to, and normal is very, very telling. Normal ppl who invested for jp morgan were called muppets, insert asst other corporate govt abuse here…”japan”. Get land, make $ make power, live in a big trailer “not mobile home”, don’t pay gas or electricity, just pay for water “non fluoridated or pass” and make it look like a #$%%^hole from the outside so your property tax is minimal. More for you, none for them, I’ve done the math and can run a small 1 cyl 3hp diesel genset/battery system and produce my own power at less cost than what I’d pay the electric company every month and then adding greenpower on makes it even cheaper, add more green and it will =practically free power, but that’s just for me, and the diesel engine though cost effective is not the final,I do have the final answer, I just hope I live long enough to build it. precariousness. I just ate 3 pounds of usa fallout cherries 🙁

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