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[Ajisai Revolution] World Wide Protest needs Japanese organizer

Multiple countries are ready to hold anti-nuclear protest connected to Ajisai Revolution in Japan. They are planning to have massive demonstrations from 10/13 ~ 10/14/2012, but they can’t get a

Natural disasters

[Mainichi] 20 meter crack found halfway up Mt. Fuji after quake

Following up this article..30km of active fault underneath Mt. Fuji   <Quote> [Mainichi] KOFU, Japan (Kyodo) — A 20-meter-long crack was found halfway up Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture following


Ishihara Tokyo Governor is going to have detailed examination

  On 7/19/2012, Ishihara Tokyo governor [cf. Ishihara Tokyo governor plans to build a nuclear plant along Tokyo bay] announced he cancelled the tour of inspection for London Olympic planned for


[Okinawa contamination] Fishing boat from Miyagi drifted to Okinawa, 1850km away

    It may concern you about the radioactive contamination in Okinawa. On 7/19/2012, Maritime Safety Agency in Okinawa announced they found fishing boat that drifted from Onagawa machi Miyagi