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Cover-ups Plant hazard

[Reactor3] Fukushima worker “got exposed to 2.55mSv, 38 cameras, concrete falling off”

A Fukushima worker tweeted about the actual situation around reactor3. He worked at reactor3 to build the cover and his team member was exposed to 2.55mSv in total. He mentioned


[Ajisai Revolution] Ex-PM Kan advised Noda to meet the organizer of the protest

  Following up this article..[Ajisai Revolution] Ex-PM Hatoyama will join the protest in front of official residence Japanese Ex-prime minister Kan advised Noda, the current Japanese prime minister to meet

Cover-ups Plant hazard

[Asahi] TEPCO subcontractor used lead to fake dosimeter readings at Fukushima plant

Following up this article..Fukushima worker was ordered to shield dosimeter with lead cover to make integral dose look low Asahi newspaper published the English version of the same article. <Quote>