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Domestic and global Environment Sea contamination

Reality of Japanese beach

Following up this article..[Guardian] Fukushima beach reopens to the public They measured the radiation level in the beach of Hitachi city Ibaraki (90km from Fukushima). The contamination level is presumed


[Ajisai Revolution] Asahi “They started having a protest every Wednesday”

The reporter of Asahi newspaper tweeted about the new protest in front of the official residence.     番ゴウ)官邸前では毎週金曜(今週は日曜)の反原発デモに続き、毎週水曜にもデモが始まりました。増税や社会保障の切り捨てなどへの抗議が趣旨のようで、共産党の高橋千鶴子衆院議員の姿も。人数は100人程度に見えましたが、これがいずれ反原発のように数万人規模になる日がくるのでしょうか。 — 朝日新聞官邸クラブさん (@asahi_kantei) 7月 25, 2012 <Translate> Following the Friday protest

Effects to be confirmed

Japanese actor Takeda Tetsuya “couldn’t stop nosebleed, face became bloody”

Japanese actor Takeda Tetsuya talked about his nosebleed on his radio show of 7/24/2012. He said when he went to a golf driving range, he found himself having nosebleed from

Spent Fuel Pools

[Reactor4] Tepco “There was no hydrogen gas from SFP4”

Still nobody knows what actually happened in reactor4, what caused the explosion. Nuclear accident investigation committee of the government commented that the hydrogen explosion of reactor4 was caused by both of