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Fukushima worker was ordered to shield dosimeter with lead cover to make integral dose look low

    Fukushima workers were ordered to shield their dosimeter with lead covers to make the integral dose look lower than actual. The lead cover has a few mm of

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Mass of whip ray found going upstream of river in Chiba

    Related to this article..Thousand small fish found dead in Kasumi river Tokyo   In the morning of 7/17/2012, a few hundreds of whip ray were found going upstream


[Ajisai Revolution] Photos of the protest on 7/20/2012

Because of the thick cloud, aerial photography was impossible. However, IWJ [Link] took photographs from the car driving around the protest.   ↓ Bicycle vs buses of riot police  


[Ajisai Revolution] Protest is ongoing all around in Japan

Protest is going on in Osaka (in front of Kepco head office), Nagoya, Sendai, Kagoshima and Hyogo as well. ↓ Live from Osaka Live video by Ustream   ↓ Nagoya,


[Ajisai Revolution] Anonybus to help protestors

Anonybus (anonymous bus) is driving around the official residence to help protestors move around. The organizer and sponsor are not known.                  


[Ajisai Revolution] Protest on vehicles

Police is interrupting the protest again, some of the protestors started joining on vehicles such as bicycles or cars.                   ↓ Hatoyama


[Ajisai Revolution] Lawyers are supporting the protest against malicious arrest

Having the excessive security of police being scared of the protest, the organizer arranged lawyers.   素晴らしい!「官邸前見守り弁護団」が発足しているそうだ。メンバーは黄色い腕章つける予定との事。万が一、警察官職務執行法の範囲を超えた過剰警備や、人権を脅かす不当行為などに遭遇した際は相談してみよう。#脱原発 #紫陽花革命 #緑党 — アッサム山中:アニマルライツ・脱原発新潟さん (@assam_yamanaka) 7月 20, 2012 <Translate> They say protest supporting


[Ajisai Revolution] Ex-PM Hatoyama will join the protest in front of official residence

  Though there are a lot of former prime minister in Japan, former Japanese prime minister Hatoyama Yukio stated he is going to take part in the protest in front of