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[Hashimoto]Populist Japan mayor grooms candidates for national stage

Following up this article..[Hashimoto] ‘You have no fundamental human rights’ <Quote> [Reuters]   (Reuters) – Gathered in a hall in the city of Osaka, about 900 students at Toru Hashimoto’s

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Fukushima worker “Shortage of nuclear worker is becoming serious”

Actual Fukushima worker Happy11311 is concerned about the shortage of nuclear workers. Decommissioning of nuclear plant is estimated to take decades. He tweeted like these below,,     やっぱ1Fの収束作業に従事している二次以下の下請け企業はどこの会社も人集めに苦労してるみたいでし。事故当初のような高額手当て?も今はないし、ともすれば除染作業より安い作業員もいるでし。東電や元請け一次企業は楽観視してるような気がするんだけど…。 —


[Yomiuri]U.S., French firms vie for N-cleanup work

<Quote> [Yomiuri]   U.S. and French firms, supported by their embassies in Japan, are aggressively marketing themselves to take advantage of unprecedented business opportunities in nuclear decontamination work and decommissioning


[Robot decontamination] 0.2 Sv/h on the first floor of reactor3

  Tepco is trying to develop the remote decontamination technology by using robot. They conducted the radiation survey at reactor1 in May [Link]. On 7/5/2012, Tepco announced the radiation survey


[Reactor1] 5.2 Sv/h on the first floor

Tepco conducted robot survey in reactor1 building TIP room and South area on the first floor. (11:40 ~ 15:47 of 7/4/2012) Tepco used 4 robots (2 Quinces and 2 PackBots)

Natural disasters

Investigation committee “there is a possibility that the earthquake damaged equipment”

Following up this article..Edano, former Chief Cabinet Secretary admits he knew melt through on 3/13/2011   Nuclear accident investigation committee of the government published the final report. In the report,


Kitakyushu city mayor threatens a supermarket chain to arrest the founder not to sell Fukushima food

A local supermarket chain “Sunlive” [Link] is oppressed by Kitakyushu city mayor. (cf.Kitakyushu city starts incineration of disaster debris to arrest nonviolent protesters) The son of the founder ordered his