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[Reactor4]Coolant system is provisionally back on to be fully recovered tomorrow

Following up this article..[Reactor4] Back-up coolant system failed. Backup power is lost. 47 hours left. Tepco sent out emergency email to follow up.   【東電からのメール】(4号炉使用済燃料プール代替冷却システムが自動停止の続報)(お知らせ済は省略)・本日午後1時35分頃よりUPSをバイパスする作業を開始し本日午後2時45分頃、作業が完了したことから、午後3時7分頃、使用済燃料プール代替冷却システムのポンプを起動し冷却を再開(続 — おしどり♀マコリーヌさん (@makomelo) 7月 1,


[Ohi] On a rainy day

[Link] Young generation are always sent to the front line whether it’s police or army. But this is the fight against nuclear. so we must protect them from black rain.


[Ohi] Ohi nuclear plant restarted. -Let’s make our new Japan

  At 21:00 of 7/1/2012, Ohi nuclear plant reactor3 was restarted. Riot police has started suppress the peaceful protest. This is the declaration of war against Japanese citizens.    


[Live] 20 mins to restart Ohi nuclear plant

    It’s 20 minutes left before the restart of Ohi nuclear plant. Protest is still on-going.     Live Video streaming by Ustream Live Video streaming by Ustream Streaming


[Live] Protest surrounded by riot police

  Riot police broke into the back of the protest. Citizens had their tents and lights taken by police. Now they are surrounded.       Live video from your


[Live] The protest is being forcibly removed

        As it gets dark, police is starting to remove the protest violently. 3 live channels.   Live Video streaming by Ustream Live Video streaming by Ustream


[Ohi] Radiation level picking up

Ohi plant is planned to be restarted soon. From 13:00 to 15:00 of 7/1/2012, the radiation level of Fukui prefecture, where Ohi nuclear is located, picked up.      


[Sky news] Japan switches nuclear power back on

<Quote> [Sky news]   Dozens of protesters shouted and danced at the gate of a nuclear power plant as it restarted Sunday, the first to go back online since Japan


[Ohi] Kepco staff entered the nuclear plant by ferry-boat

Currently the only way to enter Ohi nuclear plant is occupied by citizens, but Kepco staff has entered from sea side. A Japanese freelance journalist tweeted like this below,  


[Live] Citizens resisting against pre-emption. Police caught crying.

Riot police and hired security firm started pre-emption but citizens are resisting nonviolently.             Streaming video by Ustream Iori Mochizuki