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Fasciated evening primrose in Chiba

Terribly fasciated evening primrose was found in Kashiwa Chiba. Kashiwa is known to be hot spot.     @onodekita 0.3μSv/h土地に沢山このような帯状化奇形植物がはえてます。場所は柏市です。… — むぎ君さん (@kohejamira2) 7月 11, 2012 <Translate> This kind


AJISAI revolution / La révolution des hortensias -Japanese having revolution

Ajisai = Hydrangea [Wikipedia]     ↑ Protest of 7/6/2012   7/11/2012 16 months have passed. None of the official data has been released from the government,but thousands of the

Plant hazard

[Reactor3] Latest pictures from crawler crane

Tepco released the latest pictures of reactor3. They are around the operation room, taken from a crawler crane.             ↓ English version of PDF has


Survey robot died in reactor3

Related to this article..Robot destroyed within 2 hours in reactor 2  Survey runner robot stopped on the radiation measurement of torus room in reactor3. From 11:00 to 15:00 of 7/11/2012,


Mutated slug in Fukushima

Huge slug was found in Iidatemura Fukushima.   食べごろの“なまこ?”、いいえナメクジです。放射能の性?、判りません。積んであった薪の間から出てきました。薪は1万ベクレル位あるのでその影響でしょうか、SFの世界?… — 飯舘村農民見習い伊藤延由さん (@nobuitou8869) 7月 11, 2012 <Translate> (A farmer in Iidatemura Fukushima) Ripe sea cucumber ? No, it’s a slug.