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Gov’s investigation committee gave up identifying the burst of reactor2, “need international help”

  Government’s nuclear accident investigation committee is to conclude that they can’t identify the route and cause of the burst in reactor2 because of the time restriction and technical limitation


Radiation level spiked all around in Japan from west

From midday of 7/13/2012, radiation level spiked up all around in Japan. Western Japan had the peak of radiation level sooner than Eastern Japan. The wind blew from South-West on

Core removing struggle Plant hazard

[Reactor2] Tepco is having a difficulty to install a new RPV thermometer

Every time Tepco measured extreme change of PCV temperature, they concluded that the thermometer was out of order historically. They have few sound thermometers left at this moment, they are


[Japan times] Government to conduct radiation tests on rice at 40,000 locations in 2012

<Quote> [The Japan Times]   The farm ministry will conduct radiation tests on samples of rice grown at 40,000 locations in 17 prefectures in 2012, more than 10 times as


Kepco stopped 8 thermal power plants for the oversupply of electricity to restart Ohi nuclear plant

As the reason to restart Ohi nuclear plant, Kepco and Japanese government pointed out the risk of power shortage, but Kepco stopped 8 thermal power plants after Ohi restart and


[Ajisai Revolution] Noda hides from the protest every Friday night

  Since 6/16/2012, when Noda decided to restart Ohi nuclear plant, he can not go out from official residence because of the protest. Close associates comments Noda could go out


[Ajisai Revolution] Protest ended safely with the grotesque barricade of police

Protest ended safely. As far as reported, nobody was arrested and hospitalized. It is assumed that police will blockade the streets way more strict next Friday.        


[Ajisai Revolution] Protestors surrounding Nagatacho

Because official residence is blockaded, protestors are starting to surround Nagatacho, the government district. ↓ Click to view panorama Iori Mochizuki


[Ajisai Revolution] Protestors are flooding out to roadway

Despite the steel barricade, protestors are starting to come out to the roadway from near the national diet. Police were collected to official residence for some reason.      


[Ajisai Revolution] Police occupy the streets

Police is blockading the streets, they are occupied by police. At this moment, it is not known how many people are in the protest.