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Natural disasters

M5.3 Amamioshima

M5.3 hit Amamioshima, which is an isolated island south to Kyushu.       Source     Iori Mochizuki


Fukushima kid’s letter to himself in 10 years “Are you alive ?”

A Japanese freelance journalist tweeted like these below,   福島の小学生が、10年後の自分に宛てて「ちゃんと生きていますか?」なんて手紙を書くなんて尋常じゃない。狂気の国。何が「国民の生活が第一」だ。ふざけるな — 鈴木博喜(兼業フリー記者)さん (@s_hiroki24) 7月 9, 2012 <Translate> It’s far from being usual that a Fukushima elementary school child writes a

Natural disasters Spent Fuel Pools

Settlement report 7/6~7/8

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