M5.3 Amamioshima

M5.3 hit Amamioshima, which is an isolated island south to Kyushu.


M5.3 Amamioshima


M5.3 Amamioshima 2





  1. What I find odd is spent fuel pool 4 and it’s fresh core in an adjacent pool are fissioning open air IN FRONT of everyones face and you don’t seem to care or acknowledge it “WTF is wrong with everyone?!?!?!>!!!” . In the other reactors the corium is hidden and all you see of it is steam but reactor 4 it’s not hidden at all, jnn/tbs cam shows it.
    www youtube.com/watch?v=6zDFlI0GzQQ or watch any recent night view since.
    Yeah it’s happening and no, not a word’s been said/nor warning given=laissez faire’ living and guaranteed spent fuel ingestion of all pathways.

  2. I think what rare individual interest in this has waned/at it’s lowest since this disaster and it is AT IT’S WORST. Bad juju. ppl should really be paying attention, I guess their lives aren’t valuable to them, you’d think our modern society with generic selfishness deeply entrenched in it as pretty much a general rule would dictate otherwise, I guess other things take precedence, that oddball logical disconnect will cost them their lives.

  3. If it’s mostly about “me,me,me,” then why aren’t they concerned about radiological ingestion and contamination, maybe, just maybe they never read about it and/or can’t be bothered to read a page or to of something that would give them information,> I think those are valid answers as to why the disconnect. eg, I studied/focused on mechanical and other things of interest to me, when I had a medical problem I was sorely lacking medical knowledge, you see.

  4. Nuclear=collusion and guarantees corporate communism and regulatory capture etc, it is the devil’s playground and once entrenched RENDERS DEMOCRACY MOOT.
    Have nuclear, then you don’t have a democracy “for the ppl, by the ppl”/PROVEN, we’re all communists! “because we live in communist countries” /also human rights are talked about to make you believe in them BUT, they really REALLY don’t exist “I should know, I lost mine”.
    The only good thing to come of this is that it has been apparent for some time “but not to all” but is now absolutely fully exposed for all to see.
    It is like a pandora’s box, a keystone, and a sociopathic/psychopathic transformative virus/entity. The truly, TRULY intelligent did their homework and know better.
    Its kinda like when someone doesn’t look, hits the gas, drives across a road in front of normal flowing traffic, gets hit, gets mad and blames YOU for causing the accident “happened to me”, or insert drunk drive death analogy here.

  5. We ruined the planet in most every way everyday, this is just a bigger stick to beat it with. Blame whatever.

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