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Decontamination by using bacteria failed

  Tainai city in Niigata [Link] attempted decontamination of compost by using photosynthetic bacteria to sell compost but they announced the attempt failed in city council of 7/12/2012. They mixed


NHK admitted birds are dying in Fukushima

  Following up this article..Silent Spring comes to Fukushima NHK reported in Iidatemura, where the radiation level is the highest, bird’s population is only 70% and the sorts of birds


[Ajisai Revolution] 170,000 people joined protest in Tokyo “We won’t die in insult.”

[Link]   On 7/16/2012, 170,000 (reported by the organizer) people joined another protest against the restart of Ohi [Link]. Protesters gathered in Yoyogi park Tokyo, where is in front of