[Mainichi] 20 meter crack found halfway up Mt. Fuji after quake

Following up this article..30km of active fault underneath Mt. Fuji


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KOFU, Japan (Kyodo) — A 20-meter-long crack was found halfway up Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture following a magnitude 6.4 earthquake centered around eastern Shizuoka Prefecture on March 15 last year, local authorities said Tuesday.

“No abnormalities have been observed about Mt. Fuji and the mountain shows no signs of eruption,” an official at the Japan Meteorological Agency said, indicating the crack was caused not by volcanic activity but by the quake.

Both the width and depth of the crack were several centimeters, and it has been covered by sand and pebbles, according to the Yamanashi prefectural government.

“Nothing has happened after more than a year (since the discovery of the crack) so the Mt. Fuji is unlikely to erupt,” said Shigeo Aramaki, head of the Yamanashi Institute of Environmental Sciences, who inspected the crack in June last year.




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