Unbroken heating gauges are only 2


Tepco announced there are only 2 heating gauges which they think are not broken out of 40 heating gauges.

Though they have been criticizing that “meltdown” is a fear mongering term, Tepco states most of the heating gauges were damaged because of the heat (300~400℃) from meltdown.

There are 40 heating gauges in reactor2, but 1 has its wire broken, 33 have bad isolation performance to include 8℃ of error.

About the broken 33 heating gauges, they simulated the meltdown situation to test if they can stand with the heat.
Tepco states it’s impossible to put new heating gauges in the reactor.

However, NHK reported there are 40 heating gauges in reactor 2 ,where Kyodo reported there are 41 and broken ones are only 8.
Actually, 2 (correct ones) + 34 (broken ones) is 36, which is less than the total 40. NHK’s report does not make sense itself.

Unbroken heating gauges are only 2



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