Settlement report of 2/28/2012

One of the readers suggested me an idea to show how much donation I gained the day.

It may be controversial but would be interesting for some readers.

Settlement report of today.

Donation : 30 USD

Expense : Coca cola (2L) , Chocolate bar, Lighter (For kitchen) 0.8 USD

Profit : 29.2 USD.


Thank you very much !

PS. If you would like me to post your nick name, country and messages etc here, please let me know via the message box of Paypal.


  1. Oh, I don’t know if this is controversial, but I know that this is totally unnecessary and in my opinion private. Please don’t feel obliged in any way to provide this information. I really don’t see why this would be an interest to anybody. Thanks for this website and for caring.

  2. good to keep books. no need to itemize more minutely than ‘food’ though. otherwise people think they can tell you what to eat. or what you should use a lighter for. none of their business is a safer way to go, even if you do not smoke. it is not that there is something to hide; it is that information can be twisted around: Richelieu said “give me six lines in the handwriting of the most honest of men, and i will find something therein with which to execute him” (a translation). Read about Richelieu here: english, japanese (google translation).

    better yet, keep records — even online, just not public — and make available upon request.

    i am not a lawyer, but i think something along these lines would be a good security measure. protect yourself. you are doing work that is needed right now.

    take care.

  3. Please don’t waste your time on reporting. You are so precious to so many, keep reporting. I will send money as soon as I can find out how to do it without “them” finding out my details.

  4. Feel free to have a tab with such information, but don’t put it on the front page. Otherwise people may think you already have enough money (which you probably don’t).

    You are doing a very good job. I will donate another 14US$ next week.
    Best from Germany

  5. I hope you keep up what you are doing with the reporting on donations each day. I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all. When you wrote the post called “beggar” I jumped in at the opportunity and sent you $60. I’m saying this publicly because it’s good social proof. Social proof is what humans look for – like if you see someone looking up intently with friends, you might look up too, to see what is going on. People need to publicly support you and others like you.

    I also drive a lot of people to your website. I say that, daring people to find more ways to spread the word and outdo me. We need this information to go viral. If people can’t send money the least they can do is expose the website to more concerned people. Together we really can influence others and bring meaningful change.

    Just a little begging myself, now….

    We need to talk more about the treatments for radiation sickness. I would like to know what Lori knows about that. Everyone needs to be aware of what they can do to protect themselves internally because this is not simply a Japanese problem, this is a global problem. Just look at all the other plants around the world being treated irresponsibly, being built on or near faults, falling apart at the seams and everything. The way the world is set up everyone is at risk.

    Bless you, take good care of yourself and be sure to get enough rest. We need you for the long haul, and if you wear yourself out serving us we will lose an irreplaceable helper.

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