It’s not the time to demonstrate, it’s time to evacuate.


Some people are trying to have the government shut down all the nuclear plants in Japan. and They are stepping for the national vote even in Tokyo too.
but I feel something strange because the true risk that they are facing is radiation from Fukushima.
Of course all the nuclear plants must be shut down, immediately, all over the world, but it’s not the time to do demonstration or collecting signatures at least in Japan.
I can understand it, really.
but What they need to do is to pack clothes and get on the airplane.

The time to demonstrate passed 20 years ago. It’s too late. It’s over. Even if they close nuclear plants, it doesn’t solve anything about Fukushima.

I’m aware that I’m sounding too harsh, but I’m starting to get used to criticism.

It might be already too late to evacuate. Cesium pollen is already flying in the air. It’s 250 Bq/g.
but this is the assumption of foresty agency so it would be even worse actually.
and after that, snow melts and carries radiation to river heads. It becomes our tap water.
Now everyone’s concerned about Cesium but I think we need to be more worried about tritium contained in tap water. You can never filter it out and it’s difficult to measure because it’s beta nuclide.

If you are still in Japan, and can leave, like having family or nationality out of Japan, you should definitely get out of Japan. If something happens like SFP of reactor 4 falls off or reactor 3 goes out of control, I bet Japanese government will conceal everything, shut down all the highways, close the internet and leave them dead. You should learn this is how they are.
I was in Japan for 9 months but even I’m thinking I must have been exposed and highly likely I’ll have cancer in several years. When I was in Japan, I had to work at a construction area sometimes and it was really dusty. I breathed it all. At least parents should send their children for foreign schools. That would be a good opportunity to learn other languages and culture.


Please give me questions. I will answer on the next video.

  1. But that’s not so easy, I can imagine. Japan has almost 130 million inhabitants, being one of the most populated countries on Earth. We are not talking of a small town or district; even just evacuating Fukushima Prefecture would imply relocating two million people and that requires organized institutional effort. Evacuating the whole North Honsu area implies moving more than 50 million people and that is absolutely impossible without institutional effort (and even with it it’d be most difficult).

    Of course, individually, evacuating if one can do it, is logical and desirable. I am not criticizing that at all, but that is not a solution for most people, who have nowhere to go, no resources to afford the migration costs, etc. Only with Japanese and international institutional effort satisfactory solutions could be found.

    “It might be already too late to evacuate”…

    It’s never too late if you’re alive. Families here have been hosting Chernobyl children for decades for the summer and it is a fact that they improve a lot when then are far away from the irradiated area (only to fall again to illness when they go back home).

    1. I think that is the point. And one shouldn’t blame the victims in any case. Thanks so much Maju.

  2. Time to evacuate! You are absolutely right. Thank you for being so courageous, and for helping all of us.

  3. Hello Mochizuki San,

    In your next video, could you say how much of Japan you think should be evacuated? Is the Western part of Honshu ok? What about the other islands?


    – anonymous

  4. Hi Iori another nice vid thx ^^

    About the children, i know in France we have a lot of school programs wich include Japan students in the big cities like Paris, Marseille (south of France) or Lyon and Grenoble (south-west of France) i think it could be a good idea to contact students organizations or the embassy here since for infos.

    Others countries in Europe do the same, parents must look for this it’s a good idea!

  5. It might be time to start researching personal cancer treatments/cures.

    The book, “World Without Cancer: Vitamin B-17”, by Edward G. Griffin, is an interesting book about amygdalin, a vitamin-like substance found in 1,200 plants in nature. The molecule is like a binary chemical weapon against cancer cells. When a cancer cell opens a portal to take it in, the molecule unlocks and combines two compounds which mix and make one of them, cyanide, something like 300 times more powerful. The cancer cell is killed, normal cells are able to ‘eat’ the molecule without harm.

    Basically, it is a systemic cancericide which fits the definition of a vitamin. The book is also about the politics of cancer, how the pharmaceutical cartel and some of the extremely rich people of the world keep everybody else from researching and using this naturally-occurring, unpatentable, cheap substance. I’d recommended reading this book and learning what it has to say.

  6. One knows there must be something to it, because the US FDA bans the import of apricot kernels into the US. FDA is supposed to stand for Food and Drug Administration, but many informed people think it is the Faster Death Administration, and a minority call it something much worse.

  7. Bonjour Iori,

    Je suis les nouvelles de Fukushima depuis mars 2011, je suis témoin de l’étouffement médiatique face à cette catastrophe mondiale.
    Le dégoût me mine.
    J’ai depuis jeté ma télévision qui ne dit rien ou n’importe quoi et essaye de trouver des informations sur le web, sur votre site, sur Fukushima-scoopit, sur Gen 4, nettoyens.
    J’ai lu que Laurent Mabesoome, poète français tokioïte, arrête ses publications à cause de commentaires injurieux et orduriers.
    Je vous donne tout mon courage pour que VOUS résistiez.

    Un être humain

  8. Laurent Mabesoone….

    Mabesoone utilise la catastrophe de Fukushime dans une strategie de conquete de lecteurs en France ,pays dont il est originaire et inconnu ,il est apres 20 ans passe a Nagano ,pour ainsi dire aussi inconnu du grand publique ,et il est bon a savoir que Mabesoone ne vit absolu pas de son art ,il est un simple professeur de poesie dans une universite pour jeune filles en banlieu de Tokyo…..2 heures par semaine ,ce qui oblige Madame a faire bouillir la casserole.

    honte a cette personne qui markete une catastrophe a des fin personnelle….si le talent ne lui a pas permis d’etre reconnu jusqu’a ce jour ,s’est qu’il n’as aucun talent ,enfin le temps nous le fera vite oublie cet imposteur atteint du syndrome de Bernard Kouchner ….

    Je me rappelle la video qu’il avait realise en singeant Alex qu’il lui parlait avec ces tripes ,Mabesoone se foutait de sa gueulle genre regardait moi l’intelo je peux vous aussi faire une video …..mais l’autre (alex )qui ne peut garde sont calme….

    Pauvre personne qu’est Mabesoone, qui ne cherche que la lumiere….

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