I can’t help disappointing you


Now I’m in Paris. will fly to somewhere else next week. Life as a gypsy is good for airplane company.
I’m actually tired.
What makes me tired the most is that I can’t help disappointing everyone, all the time.
What people want to know the most is, what they can do for Fukushima. but I must say, there’s nothing we can do. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
so try to make myself distracted, I’ve been posting a lot everyday. but no matter how much I post, I don’t have any answer that you want to know.
and when I’m interviewed, sometimes they expect me to be more like victim, pitiful and helpless.
but that’s a little hard for me, because since 311, I’m possessed by anger.
I want you to imagine, you are walking on the street, and someone lynches you all of a sudden. How can you be not angry for the person ? For me, it’s the government, and lynch is the nuclear explosion.
I think I’m already dead because I was too late to evacuate. How can I forgive the person who killed me ?

Anyway, I wrote the article of “Website is dead.” I meant it (the title) in a general meaning. (Not in the meaning that Fukushima-diary is dead.) This is a little irrelevant for Fukushima, but websites are all put in order by google for the stupid reasons like traffic, pagerank and everything from 90s. but it has nothing to do with the value of the information. Now all the information is forced to be in the order regardless of the quality of the website, it’s still like scale, majority vote, over simplification. I thought this trend will kill the creativity of writers on the internet. That’s why I said website is dead. (Anyway, I will keep blogging.)

At the end, this is my personal opinion but enenews and SKF picked up the news about the black substance, which was extremely radioactive. I think they took it from Oyama Koichi’s blog. but I’m a little suspicious about his blog.
Last time he posted some data of US army or something to say they measured plutonium and uranium in Tokyo. but the data was like 3000 Bq/kg of uranium in Shizuoka or something, maybe he made some mistake to calculate. You need to be careful to refer to his blog.
That’s it. Good night.



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