Breaking News: Control rod was not controlled

On 3/11,The Nuclear Agency clearly announced that they managed to plug control rods to unit 1~3.

However,8/12/2011 22:02,Tepco confessed to The Nuclear Agency,they thought they plugged control rods but because the meter was broken at unit 1 and 4,they can’t tell if the rods were properly plugged.

This statement has a couple of logical failures.

1) Why The Nuclear Agency announced they managed to plug control rods to unit1~3 ?

2) In unit4,there was supposed to be no active fuel rods.Why did they plug control rod to unit4 ?

3) Now they don’t even know if control rod might not be properly plugged,why do they allow workers to go beside unit1 ? It can happen / is already happening nuclear reaction any time.

Today,they also revealed that cabinet knew meltdown was happening,serious amount of radiation was already leaking just after the earthquake,but they kept people stay near nuclear plants and let them seriously exposed.and chief secretary of cabinet,Edano even announced radiation is not leaking.

Also,Tepco’s employees and their family dominated all the buses from Fukushima to evacuate just after 311,other people had no clue to evacuate.

Hidden ugly truth is revealed day after day.

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