A runner had cardiopulmonary arrest in Tokyo marathon

Following up this article..Tokyo station is contaminated as mandatory evacuating zone in Fukushima

A runner had cardiopulmonary arrest in Tokyo marathon 2012, which was held on 2/26/2012.

This marathon has been held annually since 2007. 35,500 people joined it this year.

A runner (50s) fell down in Minato ku, ended up having cardiopulmonary arrest.

Another runny with nursing license was near him, he treated the runner by AED. He managed to resuscitate the runner.

A runner had cardiopulmonary arrest in Tokyo marathon


Someone who joined this marathon tweeted like this below.



I run with a mask. I ran last year too, but I found way more people falling down than last year. Looking for a data of calling ambulance but still haven’t found.


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