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Settlement report

I guess nobody complained about this yesterday, I’ll report today’s settlement too. Donation : 73.00 USD Expense : Water 0.40 USD Income : 72.60 USD   Thank you very much.

Natural disasters

Alert at Tokai Mura

Following up this article..Scale 5 at Tokai mura   According to The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, there was no report about emission or unusual reading off monitoring post. However, one


CTBT measured 10 times higher radiation level than average

CTBT, Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty’s radiation monitoring post at Takasaki Gunma measured rapid increase of cesium 134 and 137 on 2/17/2012.   2/16/2012 Cesium 134 : 79 microBq/m3 Cesium 137 : 126

Natural disasters

Scale 5 at Tokai mura

    7:32 3/1/2012, M5.4 hit Ibaraki Offshore. Scale 5 was observed in Tokai mura. Currently, no information is collected from the nuclear plant. Tsunami alert in Ibaraki coastal area.


Decommissioning takes 90 years and costs £954m

[Quote of] World’s oldest nuclear power station closes… but it will take 90 more years and £954m to clear it completely The world’s oldest running nuclear power station was


Thick smoke from Fukushima plants again

  Following up this article ..Massive smoke from between reactor 2 and 3 On Fukushima live camera of Tepco, thick smoke is observed again. It came out at around 1:50

Confirmed effects

Most of the thyroid preparations are produced in Iwaki Fukushima

Thyroid preparations(T4) called Thyradin has 98% of share in Japan. It’s produced in Iwaki factory of Aska Pharmaceutical, where is about 56 km south to Fukushima plants. 大きな地図で見る   Fukushima citizens who

Natural disasters

M6.8 will hit Kanto soon.

2012/02/29 23:32:26, M6.8 happened offshore Kanto. will hit Tokyo soon. Estimation of the scale : 3~4 Depth : 10km     Source Iori Mochizuki


Fuel storage pool of reactor 3 collapsed most of the part

    Having no-fly zone of Fukushima plants from 20km to 3km, TBS ANN caught Fukushima plants from helicopter. However, they couldn’t find the fuel storage pool of reactor 3.


Massive smoke from between reactor 2 and 3

On 2/28/2012, smoke was observed from between reactor 2 and 3. It was from 10:52 ~ 11:58. The smoke reached over the reactor buildings.   Zoomed.     Comparison of